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Doctor Who
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  • Doctor Who: The Dominators , Patrick Troughton

    • Starring: Patrick Troughton
    • Genre: TV Sci-Fi, British-Sci-Fi
    • Studio: BBC Archives
    • Release Date: 7/23/2019
    • Features: Manufactured on Demand, Full Frame, Subtitled, Amaray Case
    • Dulkis: planet of harmony and enlightenment. Home to the peaceful Dulcians. An oasis of calm in the cosmos and completely defenseless. The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe arrive to find Dulkis enslaved by the... more
    Price: $19.09
  • Doctor Who: The Moonbase , Patrick Troughton

    • Starring: Patrick Troughton
    • Genre: British-Sci-Fi, TV Sci-Fi
    • Studio: BBC Warner
    • Release Date: 2/11/2014
    • Features: Eco Amaray Case
    • In 2070, Earths weather is controlled with ease from the Moon. When the TARDIS arrives at the Moon base, the Doctor, along with his friends Polly, Ben and Jamie, is accused of starting a plague that... more
    List Price: $24.98
    Price: $19.88
    You Save: $5.10 (20%)