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The Melkur was said to be a source of great evil, kept sealed in a sacred grove. In truth, it was a camouflaged form for the Master's TARDIS, which he used to ensnare and manipulate the heir to the Keeper of Traken – and through her, the entire planet!

Withered and dying, crippled by his lack of regenerations, the Master hoped to use the powers of the Keeper of Traken to grant himself a new life. His desperate search for immortality came to a climax at the end of this story when he claimed the body of Tremas – played by the iconic Anthony Ainley.

This Melkur Figurine captures the creature as seen in the Fourth Doctor's adventure "The Keeper of Traken" (1981).

Product Features:

  • Figurine measures: approx. 5.1 inches
  • Material: Metallic Resin
  • Hand-painted for incredible detail
  • Great gift for Doctor Who fans

The Melkur Special Edition comes complete with a 20-page illustrated magazine examining your figurine in close detail and the creative process behind it and exclusive behind the scenes of the episode "The Keeper of Traken" (1981).