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Images of Rapture from the Boggle Woggle
  • Artist: Ed Shepp
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 634479013232
  • Item #: SRD901323
  • Genre: Spoken
  • Release Date: 12/23/2003
  • This product is a special order
Price: $17.99
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Images of Rapture from the Boggle Woggle on CD

As a failed entrepreneur, forensic psychic and outlaw fisherman, Ed Shepp has had copious experience with the creative process. Since his debut into the world in 1973, Ed Shepp has been literally stunning onlookers with his unique blend of intellectual wit, sugar-like refinement, otherworldly poeticness and stuffed animal collection. 'I always felt like a tub of ice cream in a rare flavor that noone has ever tasted before,' Ed Shepp explains. 'Something like cherry and cheesecake and spices and glitter and that really good feeling you get in your mouth after eating Taco Bell or burping up some fish oil. Have you ever burped up fish oil? Very fragrant. Recommended. Tat.' A complex cup of coffee, Ed Shepp always felt that the world deserved to glimpse inside his unique beingness. One way he chose to allow this glimpsation was through the medium of sound. 'Sound helps us break our boundaries and learn our ABCs. I really think that if everyone just got hooked on phonics instead of fighting and compulsive eating, then we could finally build the perfect world. I feel that I am a messenger, a hummingbird if you will, helping to bring uplightenment through sound to our weary world. My poetry and experiments are like Polio vaccines for the world's Herpes. Pudding pops to ameliorate peoples' suffrage and usher in an age of love. An age of Ed Shepp!' I think you'll agree that Ed Shepp's art, as displayed in these pieces, is uplifting, decongesting, exonerating and pluparticiplating. Feel the miracle! Ed Shepp.

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