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  • Artist: Elaine Davidson
  • UPC: 884502423679
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  • Genre: Folk
  • Release Date: 1/19/2010
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Inside on CD

Inside is an eclectic mix of songs from the soul of a Cumbrian songstress. Songs to chill, to contemplate and to paint a picture of the beautiful landscape from whence they came. Whether it is the beautiful All the Same, the moving Shining Ones or the clever Foxes of Cumberland you will be enchanted! This album is all about the song!!!! Vocal and lyrics are paramount. Stripped down and beautiful, with no pretensions!. Title track Inside is an 'ancient river in full flood' which will introduce you to the major themes which are played out in these songs; love, spirit, passion, past lives, heaven. Elaine's solo career was launched on the strength of this CD and it led to some surprising paths!!! In Elaine's words, much better that people make of these songs what they will but as this is a medium that needs description here goes; 'Remember the One' is about belonging and remembering our connection not only to each other but also to nature. This was one of three songs which I wrote after coming home from a festival in Galloway. Usually the first thing I would do would be to have a bath, but I remember getting a pen and paper to write. I think it probably had a lot to do with the fact that I had spent the weekend out in the woods. Some songs take time and effort and some fall by the wayside, but those that just come easily appear to have been 'sent'. I often don't feel I should take credit for them other than being the messenger. I also feel I should give credit to Neale Donald Walsch whose book Conversations with God was the food for thought which brought this about. Don't let the title put you off; whether you believe in God or not isn't important. It may or may not be 'your' book, for me it was not only an inspiration but also a complete eye opener and a refreshing way to look at life and the universe! 'The Return' is the only song I ever wrote with anyone else and again it came about in an unforced/natural way. Sometimes my friend Lizzie Morrison comes over to my house and we drink red wine and play music just for fun. We play a lot of Bob Dylan stuff and usually play covers of whatever might happen to come up, but this night we ended up writing a song of our own instead. While this may not be immediately apparent, it's about Merlin and it has to be said that it was a very magical night...... 'Windsong' I wrote this after reading about the Hopi American Indians' belief that they came from the stars originally. I had an image of these people rowing a boat in unison across the skies and the rhythm took hold from that. It is about journeys and the vast expanse of galaxies that surround us. 'The Foxes of Cumberland' is the one which people most frequently say is their favourite. It came easily to me and it felt like a gift. At the first listen it does sound like it is all about the fox; later it becomes apparent that it's also about freedom and the right to be who you please. 'Always Will be this Way' was written after the tsunami hit on Boxing Day in Asia.I remember thinking even though it was in another country miles away, how everyone knew some friend or family who was affected. Although it seems to be a sad song, it is really one of hope and about who we really are. 'All the Same' is about unrequited love and that feeling you get when you meet a stranger and feel instantly connected to them. Also, how we meet on other planes rather than the physical which is only the most apparent. 'This Love' is about unbridled passion and has a seductive feel to it. This version is purely acoustic but I would love to hear a band play it as it has an interesting rhythmn. 'Don't Wanna Know' is a song I wrote when I was exploring different chords. I went off on a bit of a jazzy tangent. Again, this is the acoustic version but it was always great to play as a band. It is about 'leaving your lover' but it also has a cheeky, humorous slant to it. 'The Wild Blue Sea' is about spirit and how that feels. I think it was something I had always been aware of, but I began to explore what felt like discovering a new country. The central metaphors of travel and adventure describe the experience. 'The Shining Ones' is about celestial beings and heaven. There are people who have said they will play it at their funeral and I love that because to me this means they have taken the song to their hearts and made it their own. 'Just Passing Through' is a song that was written after a tragedy in the town where I live. On that night I was lying in bed listening to this lad's friends singing one of the songs which was played at his funeral. They were drunk and it was all out of tune but it sounded like they were singing to/for him and it was very moving. 'Inside' is the title track of the CD and encompasses a lot of the themes which I have covered already: the interior landscapes which usually do not get nearly as much attention as those on the exterior; the infinite worlds which we inhabit but are sometimes unaware of. Meditation as a word does not seem to describe this experience too well. Hopefully this song does. The best way to understand what a song is about is to listen to it! So I hope that you will listen and forget where they came from and let them open up your own interpretation of what they mean to you.