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Endzeit Bunkertracks [Act 7]
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Endzeit Bunkertracks [Act 7] on CD

Dark elektro fans and scene DJ's have been waiting for this moment for some 30 months now! Many of you kept bombing the Alfa Matrix mailbox urging us to release a new edition of what has become through time one of the most successful and "classic must-have" compilation concepts on the dark electronic scene! OK, ladies and gentlemen... we could not resist much longer to your pressing demand, so it's time for you to run again for shelter!! This Spring 2015, Endzeit Bunkertracks 7 will be released once again as a deluxe 4 CD carton box including an extended 32 page booklet masterfully designed by Japanese designer Tomoki Hayasaka (SheerHeart. Jp) for your visual pleasure and a bonus download card giving you access to some 50 additional songs! A new ultimate Endzeit experience of over 550 minutes of sonic extravaganza in all ist diversity spread over some 118 tracks! Returning from the core of the Underworld, "Endzeit Bunkertracks [act 7]" again hits harder than ever before, by offering you another brainwashing selection of the best dark, harsh elektro and modern power noise acts active on the planet. The ultimate evil dancefloor conquerors all packed on 4 (!!) full length CDs plus 50 bonus tracks to download (including a great majority of rare or previously unreleased exclusive tracks!) delivered to your scorched hands. The complete track listing speaks for itself... This new selection of terrific and terrifying club invaders again features a very diverse and international approach with artists coming from every corners of the (under)world (28 different countries incl. New Zealand, Chile, Ukraine, Ecuador, Mexico, Russia, Argentina, Japan, Brazil, Poland, Italy, Peru, Estonia, Australia, Norway, Belarus, Greece, USA, Spain, Canada, Finland, Sweden, UK, France, The Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Belgium). Full club power, malevolent moments and splitting headaches are all guaranteed by this new ultimate Endzeit experience.

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