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Price: $363.92
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The Armed Combining Fighbird from the 1991 anime The Brave of Sun Fighbird is now a member of the Super Metal Action figure series from Evolution Toy!

It can transform from its Fire Jet form to the Fighbird form, and can further combine with the Flame Breaster to transform into the Armament Combined Fighbird!

The figure boasts plenty of built-in gimmicks, the Fire Jet has built-in flare missiles and landing gear, and Yutaro Hitori is on board in the cockpit. In the Fighbird state, the Dynabusters on both its arms can be deployed, the chest parts are removable, and it can be transformed into the android form of Fighbird.

When in the Armament Combined Fighbird state, it can wield the mighty Flame Sword; interchangeable hands are included. Combine the Armament Combined Fighbird with the Jet Combine Granbird (currently under development and available soon!) to create the strongest form of all: Great Fighbird!

  • Height: Approx. 7.1"
  • Materials: Die-cast, ABS, PVC
  • Country of origin: China