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  • Artist: First Light
  • UPC: 884502422993
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  • Genre: Christian
  • Release Date: 3/30/2010
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Plan on CD

The Plan is a collection of original songs about God's incredible love for us and His desire to get us to heaven to be with Him. When First Light was preparing The Plan we used the working title "The Jesus Story," because Jesus is the centerpiece of God's design for our spiritual salvation. The Plan is an outline of Jesus' life on earth based on some of the historical accounts and parables from the New Testament in the Bible. We encourage you to read the Biblical references that form the foundation of each song, and hope that with the help of the Holy Spirit, The Plan touches you and increases your understanding of God's miraculous love. First Light is a band committed to making exciting music in a variety of musical styles, all with a Christian message. The band draws it's name from the story in the Bible where some women go to see the tomb of Jesus at dawn and learn of Jesus' resurrection. The band members are seven people brought together by their desire to help other people through the gift of music. The three singers in First Light are Colleen Leyva, Christi Lorenz, and Barb Schmitz. All three grew up with music and singing filling their lives. The instrumentalists are Betsy Andrews (drums and percussion), Kevin Lorenz (guitars), Brian Moore (bass guitars), and Ed Schallhorn (keyboard). The music that First Light plays is a result of the diverse musical backgrounds that the members have. They combine sounds drawing from jazz, pop, gospel, rock, Latin, and classical styles. But no matter what the style is, the musical glue that holds the band together is the Good News of the Gospel, tight arrangements, and great vocal harmonies. The band started in 2004 when Colleen, Barb, and Christi sang together at Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Asheville, North Carolina. The comments by the congregation were so encouraging that Kevin (Christi's husband and the musical director at the church) knew something very special was going on. Brian, Ed, and Betsy were added and First Light was born. Although First Light plays in churches and performs concerts, they also get a special joy from playing in places that may not be typical for Christian bands: shelters, prisons, bars, and festivals are examples. Their first EP, called "Can't Throw That Stone," features original music and unique arrangements of well-known songs. 'The Plan' is a special program of all original music and readings based on the life and teachings of Jesus that First Light is now able to provide.