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Forgotten Noir: Collector's Set: Series Three
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Forgotten Noir: Collector's Set: Series Three on DVD

Hammer Films' SCOTLAND YARD INSPECTOR - Cesar Romero stars as a Yank newspaperman in London who sets out to solve a murder. DAVID HARDING, COUNTERSPY - Based on the popular 1942-1957 network radio series created by Phillips H. Lord. Howard St. John is the Washington DC-based David Harding, head of a covert counter-espionage organization, charged with preventing top-secret scientific information from reaching the hands of America's enemies. DANGER ZONE - A private eye first cracks a case involving smuggling ring, then tackles an assignment that involves blackmail, murder and film noir's top bad guy, Tom Neal. THE BIG CHASE - As his expectant wife enters the hospital in anticipation of the blessed event, her cop husband is off to the races, trailing payroll robbers on a mad chase that goes from cars to rowboat to motorboat to helicopter. The chase sequence, captured in all it's bullet-to-bullet glory, comprises a third of the movie. MR. DISTRICT ATTORNEY (1947) - From Phillips H. Lord's popular NBC radio series comes an intriguing "legal film noir" filled with double-crosses and unusual twists-starting in the opening reel when a woman is slain in her apartment to an escaped killer, and the paper prints that the alive-and-well girlfriend of a local crime boss was the victim. RINGSIDE - Middleweight boxer works his way up to a title fight, and loses it and his eyesight when the champion seeing that his opponent is blind in one eye goes to work on the other one. HI-JACKED - Parolee/ truck driver now wants to stick to the straight-and-narrow, but finds himself riding a highway of terror when his truck is hijacked and police suspect him. PIER 23 - Two more "brushes with crime" for ace private detective Dennis O'Brien. THE CASE OF THE BABY-SITTER: Jewel thieves, operating in the guise of a Duke and Duchess, hire the Ace Detective Agency to "baby sit" the infant they are using as a blind for their thefts.