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Best Is Yet to Come
  • Artist: Francis Martin
  • UPC: 884501298698
  • Item #: 146363X
  • Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
  • Release Date: 1/18/2011
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Best Is Yet to Come on CD

1n 1981,I hatched from my mother cocoon.Thus began the autobiograpy of Francis Martin.First day I left the hospital I entered the home of the slum 'proverty' I don't think I would be the same person I am today if I didn't grow up in this enviornment. I'm a product of the street,29 years in the slum made Frank a brilliant young man.I learned a lot from suffering and how to survive under any circumstance.How to feed my family and risk my freedom at the same time.'It's real'.Spending drug money to pay for studio time.One of the things I love most about the hood is my music. Music grew into my life in the late 80's. hip-hop inspired me so much during this era. In spite of the fact that I was only 7or8 years old,hip-hop had my attention. Rakim,PublicEnemy,EPMD,K-SOLO,Biz Markie,and DE LA Soul took things to the next level for Strong Island (Lebabnon)..Music caught my heart but I was still caught up in the streets trying to find my destiny. In my early teen years,I was consumed with anger because of verbal and physical abuse my mother was taking from my step-father. My reflection tuened from postive to negative.I became very rebellious,arrogant,and violent.Day by day I was focused on building my name and gaining respect on the street (Terror Ave).Back then know as the Eldorados.Coming from this part of the hood I was influenced by crime,drugs,money,and straight thuggin it.Cutting class school wasn't making me cash I had no discipline,started out a follower not a leader.'Frank was hurting but in denial'.In search of the proper guidance the streets became my tutor until the street rules of life and death came to visited my home one night.My step-father (RodneyJackson)left the house one evening and never returned.I remember as if it was yesterday.From the pounding at the door,I was abruptly awaken from my sleep.I recall hearing the screams from the neighbors as I opened the front door, they rushed in frantic.They cried,Rodney's(step-father)been shot!!! In front of my building.I watched my mother fall toher knees saying repeatedly,'Oh my God'.Even though him and my mother went through mad drama,I would have never imagined this. After this tragedy I began to look at life differently.(Any day can be your last alive) By the mid nineties,I started rhyming in every local house party near the hood.It was like I was broke but feeling rich from my music, In a couple of months,I had my whole block encouraging me showing me love and support. Made me expand my visions toward hip-hop by1996or97 music had my mind and soul and I wanted to become the next Strong Island legend of all time.I began to put my life story in my rmymes.(my life on track) First came the track 'KidsFirst' which derived from the abuse I witnessed from my step-father towards my mother.(never put your man before your kids) Then I came with the song 'BUILT FOR TIME' because dudes was snitching instead of doing his record 'I DON'T KNOW'was inspired by girls in the hood that have you confuse and you don'tknow what to do with them..Then I wrote 'CAN YOU HEAR ME'(I wrote this song in jail)after my thrid time locked up....'SUPAH FREAK' was a record I made for the club, because ladies was always Jocking me in the club and it made me feel like I might just have a freak tonight....My next record was 'HOMEY DON'T WANT TO SHARE' Is when a guy wants his cake and eat it too (he could cheat but he don't want his lady or wife to cheat) Another track fronthe albam 'GOD PROTECT ME' was written because I believe in god protection(I could of died a couple of times without gods protection)next track 'SHOW ME A SIGN' Iwrote because music was my signal and turning point in my life.....'FREE YA MIND'was a record about freeing your mind from the past,the world,and the system......and the track list goes on etc..... So I hope you get use to Francis Martin (fmmusic)because the best has yet to come....I AM A GREAT INVENTOR.....So I conclude,' what you know about fRANK?'What you really know about Francis Martin.