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  • Artist: Freyed Knot
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  • Item #: SRD876833
  • Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
  • Release Date: 12/15/2009
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Morefire on CD

Freyed Knot's "MoreFire" by ExP 1) SM58s - This song used to be called "Music Please" and featured an epic guitar solo ending; we even gigged it 2 or 3 times - but we scrapped it when P didn't turn up for a practice one time and wrote a snappy chorus instead and it actually turned out to be our gig and album opener. Not too long and sets the scene. The last minute addition of Northern Beatbox Champion Ball-Zee turned out to be a right idea, originally the part he beatboxes over had come back faulty from the studio and the drums were really crackly for that part, but after me and JND experimented with some awful whistling and "a boom boom chi" beatboxing (if you could call it that) getting in a pro seemed like the right idea. That lovely singing that you can hear on the track, and a few of the others is none other than my fiancée Angela Bellis. Big up yaself Ange. 2) Who Got The Funk - Ahhh this old gem, probably the second-to-oldest track on the album, Rasta P wrote this along with Ben II, NTR & Jay5ive - kinda seems to be our title track considering the whole "proper got the funk an' that" motif we've been running with. Me and JND wrote that chorus kinda tongue in cheek and rest of the lyrics followed suit, "...You've seen Shaft? Well we wrote the theme tune/...". We didn't by the way. 3) FK! Charges for Photographs - Fast becoming one of my favourites, this little beauty came off the back of JND's outrage at a female photographer who snapped us at PM Bar's 'Battle of the Rigged Bands' in 08 and then came online to tell us she had taken some nice pictures and would be happy to arrange to send them to us...after payment. JND subsequently announced he charged for photographs, the rest of the band agreed they also charged for photographs and so Charges for Photographs was born. I wrote the chorus riff, I'd like to point that out. Cos I'm 'ard. 4) DJ Rasp Skit - just a skit but gives me an opportunity to talk about all the exciting hard work UK DMC 2009 Battle Champion DJ Rasp did on our album, including throwing us this beat and cutting up main man Jools Slater from The Mix Radio over the top of it. The end chops of "Freyed Knot" are just a chance for us to use the glorious DCI Hunt from Life on Mars saying "Freyed Knot, Darling" 5) You Lot - the first of the software-produced 'beats' on the album, this corker by JND. He wrote the chorus and penned the first verse, I followed suit and You Lot was born. This song is ancient tho, we're talking late 07 I think, could have almost made it onto That Bradfunk, but we wanted to re-record it and get it sounding crisp like a Seabrook Factory. 6) Wild West Yorkshire - Featuring DJ Rasp cutting up the PM Bar's 'Battle of the Ridiculously Fixed Bands' in 08 as the audience participated with JND on the intro. Bruce Wood, who engineered the album for us, had a beautiful Fender Rhodes in his studio which I decided was too good an opportunity to ignore. I spent one evening of the recording week up till about 4 writing Rhodes parts for a few of the tracks and this is the main one that stayed on a track. 7) Shires of York - This is almost definitely the most recent band track on the album, as it was pretty much played for the first time properly in the studio. I believe it was P's idea to loop the end of Wild West Yorkshire at one point, and I went home and wrote a long verse about how much the music industry pi**ed me off, basically. 8) Will to Live - We're still waiting for the cease and desist on this badboy, Fama87 is a fantastically dope Russian producer, but Russian becomes the operative word and communication is extremely difficult with him - so we're not even sure if we can use this track. But it's not for profit and he had it up for a free download. Probably mine and JNDs favourite all-round lyrics on the album, and the only one we didn't need a clean edit of. The ending was an idea by Simon "Dad" Goodwin to help separate out the album a bit, and mix master Ben II did a grand job with it when we'd found some takes of me and Jay5ive being a bit silly with Bruce's OTT delay effects! 9) T'Urban - Another Rasta P and the band creation, about how we generally get banned from places like the Conniston cos we're an urban band, or from urban nights cos we're a band at all. Whatever. What is urban? We're just a bloody band that like making music and we rap instead of singing all the time. Honestly. If it wasn't for that b**tard 50Cent...and lil Wayne...and everyone else 10) What We're About - Nearly the album opener as well, as just kind of a scene setter for us, this was the first track we wrote after That Bradfunk. So old it is, in fact, that we wrote it in the studio when we recorded the Bradfunk album and made Guv do a quick recording of it so we could remember it for later! 11) British Blues - A JND & ExP collaboration on the production side! JND did the drums bass and piano chop, I added the chorus piano and "heEeeeEe" bits and hey presto, British Blues. I penned the chorus and had a bit of a sing song on the last one, and we both had a good old moan about Britain. In the same way you'd moan about the girl that you loved and would never leave tho. N'ahmean? 12) Move Back - JND pushed and pushed at this track, when we originally sat around and played the riff we weren't all feeling it but JND kept at it and this actually ended up becoming one of the main crowd pleasers! It's got a real hip-hop swagger to it, and the DJ Rasp cut of "Hypotheses can't define how I be dropping these" from Wu Tang's 'Triumph' was the cherry on top. 13) Back - One that I produced this time, we wanted to write a track about the kind of 05-07 years leading up to Freyed Knot as a band. I used to have a tiny flat in Shipley next to the clock tower as my base of operations and everyone was always round there for Steak Wednesdays and other such malarkey. JND gives a good shout to everyone we chilled with by name, I give a good shout to all the lasses I ever shagged in there. HmMmmm... 14) Didn't You Know - The final band track on the album; epic! This was the only song, I think, that was written without me or JND being there. The band organised a practice at Jay5ive's and came up with this belter, and I remember P saying it was the best thing the band had ever done at the time. 15) Discolexia - This sparked a bit of debate in the Freyed Knot HQ as some people didn't want this on the album, and some really did. Me and JND were in the process of recording our vocals for the album when Dr Dot fired across this instrumental for his track Discolexia for us to rap on. He never intended for it to go on the album, but we liked it enough to feel it was worthwhile, and after a bit of voting and toy-out-of-pram-throwing, we got our way. 'Didn't You Know' would have been the last track on the album but we didn't really want to end it as a middle finger to listeners "...didn't you know we did it you know, sh*t no...they didn't know.../" but more of a middle finger to the charts "'ve got no excuse not to like this when the charts are so crap.../". Not that we'd give a middle finger to anyone. That's far too urban.