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Live at Traditions
  • Artist: Gaelica
  • UPC: 884502891317
  • Item #: CDBY289131
  • Genre: Folk
  • Release Date: 11/23/2010
  • Rank: 1000000000
Price: $22.19
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Live at Traditions on CD

Gaelica - Live at Traditions Gaelica's new CD, Live at Traditions is a live recording from a concert played at Traditions Café, a warm and colorful venue with a listening audience. Gaelica gives lively and dynamic performances and wanted to capture that on a recording. People who have listened to this CD are amazed, first of all by the overall quality of sound, which was mixed and mastered at Chapter One Studio, but equally by the incredible execution of performance by each band member. Opening with the euro stile original, 'Chloe', a sweeping, epic piece that takes you into a fantastic world of spoken French, out of this world oboe jazz lines, as well as a driving cello, this piece was the perfect introduction for the audience to get a peek at what was in store for them in this dynamic concert. Moving seamlessly on to the next piece by Scottish group Runrig, Ingrid Ferris brings hauntingly clear vocals to this contemporary Gaelica song, lush and ghostly accompaniments give this song it's completed soundscape. The third song is the much anticipated debut of their song, The Woods Girl Ballad, whose lyrics were a gift from NW poet Rick Clark. This song comes from an archetypical image of nature and mans relationship with her. It is a song for our times, transcending age or politics. Without pause the banjo comes in for an original by Diane Sonntag, this is banjo like you've never heard it before, accompanied by cello. As the song unfolds you have a sense that you are hearing a revival of some of the truly great music of the 60's from the likes of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. From there the recording takes an about face, and you find yourself at the turn of the century listening to one of the great composition by Gabriel Faure', beautiful and lush, with a surprising jazz oboe interpretation at the end that will take your breath away. From there the album visits the American heartland in the industrial age song, Peg-n-Aul, and onto a bluegrass song, 'Sweet Sunny South. Owens Hideout is an original guitar solo written by band member Giles Sinclair Arendt, a show case for his virtuoso ability, as well as depth of compositional skills. Thousands are Sailing highlights the incredible improvisational skills of Jerilynn Harris-Kilgore on cello, as well as the dynamic vocals of Ingrid Ferris. And Archiblad MacDonald is a treat for any lover of 'living traditional music' with a beautiful rendition of this piping piece covered by oboe and cello, that evolves to include the influence of the Galatian peninsula. Walk Away is an original by Ingrid Ferris, a heart rending song of love and betrayal, with dynamic harmonies and sweet harmonica solos. Americana medley takes you from a raw cello solo of The Water is Wide, to a heart searing oboe solo of Shenandoah, that leads into another original by Diane Sonntag, Heart Wood and Stone, a playful, bluegrass style song celebrating the gorgeous, and beautiful nature that surrounds us. The album closes with an iconic original by Ingrid Ferris titled Lay Me Down. A song of timeless, human connection . Gaelica - Live at Traditions is a recording that everyone will want to have in their collection, absolutely original with echoes of the past, dynamic harmonies, and instrumentation executed to satisfy the toughest connoisseur. We invite you to give it a listen, and to become part of a new musical movement, one of exploration, and excellence.