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Close Your Eyes & See the World
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Close Your Eyes & See the World on CD

Annemarie Garramone and RoseAnn Grasso met in the early 1990's, when they both joined the Utica Etude Music Club. Annemarie had been a well-known performer and choreographer for local theater productions for many years. RoseAnn had been a choir member and soloist in local and Albany churches for two decades. Upon discovering that their two voices blended well together, Annemarie and RoseAnn began to sing duets for the Etude Scholarship Fundraiser Shows. These duets encompass a variety of types of songs. Encouraged by relatives and friends, they have finally produced a CD that highlights their favorite category of music - inspirational. It is entitled "Close Your Eyes and See the World". It features original songs (composed by RoseAnn) and harmonies (developed by Annemarie and RoseAnn.) In this troubled, hectic world of ours, moments of serenity are few and far between. Our minds are filled with anxiety. Much of this anxiety comes from our attempts to fit into the lives of others - their goals, their dreams, their world. Such attempts destroy inner peace and the growth of the individual soul. We produced this CD in hopes that it will provide you (as it has us) with a few moments of serenity. It is our most sincere wish that it will instill in you that inner peace you need to "Close Your Eyes" and see YOUR world! SWEET DREAMS!! Annmarie and RoseAnn.