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Ranchers Reservegenuine Country
  • Artist: Matthews Gary D.
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 884502229103
  • Item #: SRD222910
  • Genre: Country
  • Release Date: 10/13/2009
  • This product is a special order
  • Rank: 1000000000
Price: $18.69
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Ranchers Reservegenuine Country on CD

Introducing the, Ranchers Reserve Genuine, Country Album well at last we have music in it's purest form. Guitars, banjos, pedal steel guitar, 9 foot baby grand pianos the songs simply ozes with those wonderful sounds. For instance Carolina in the morning, you have this famous less Paul sound, on the instrumental parts. And the very unique type Nashville brass puts a finish to the spectrum of the music. That brass comes in smooth as butter and touches off the great solos. As well as the backup to the vocals. Why not now, is one of those songs that comes at you as a pleasant surprise.. With lyrics that touch the heart and tickle your ears. As a guitarist, Gary Matthews knocks out, jamming the double eagle. The instrumental parts are so intense in their purest form you can actually feel those stringed instruments. And who could ever forget, April showers. The song has been around since the 1900s and comes out in different forms, but this fantastic song just unfolds with a dobro leading the way. Incredible and fascinating at the same time. The Mona Lisa, again here is a unique sound with a steel guitar and the soothing vocal tender touch. Making this the number one song on the album. And for those of you who have heard streets of Laredo you're in for a real surprise and a treat. The very unique violins tell a story before the song ever begins. Fantastic song. And sound. And then of course we have rock-a-bye your baby, you heard by others. But it has come back again with this solid great overtones and the wonderful beat. The song cashes in with that Nashville brass. And we have to wonder, when you see the pickup truck the dog in the front seat with a high-power rifle on the gun rack in the back and the cowboy going to visit his mother in prison. As he dreams about, Paris Hilton's San Antonio, this, song is in it's purest country form, call it, country swing. It's so lonely here tonight touches off, this great song. If you have never heard singer-songwriter Gary D. Matthews you are in for this wonderful journey of sounds that is actually fun to listen to. Sustaining joy throughout the album. With the melodrama of songs such as, Mona Lisa, always now, if you feel like a frog then go ahead and jump, on this one for sure because there is so much in this album. Controversial, yes in a wonderful way. And then we have the Wabash cannonball, the song itself is an adventure, you're rollin through the jungle on the Wabash cannonball. These lines go down through history 100 years. And Gary puts the excitement back into the song, his voice throbs with songs like this, with the guitar, player piano, banjo, you really are writing through the jungle on the Wabash cannonball. What a journey, what a trip, what a sound. Reserve for yourself this fantastic album while they last enjoy it for years to come because this music is ageless and timeless as all great music is.