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Call Me Home
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Call Me Home on CD

George A. Seman studied the accordion as a child with the child concert-prodigy, composer and teacher, Russell Fama, later studying keyboards, piano and composition with Alex S. Gergar. He enjoyed many early performance opportunities for family, friends, schools, etc. His musical career, however, was diverted for many years for the pursuit of academic studies and matriculations. Educated as a psychologist, he spent 20 years in human services while relegating his musical expressions more to stress management than to creative compositions. (This probably explains his skills at creating pieces that are relaxing to listeners all across the age spectrum.) His many life interests have included archaeology, architecture, astronomy, health, travel, mineralogy, anthropology, religion, sociology, spirituality and philosophy. Some of these widely diverse interests seemed to have aided in the collaborative work with Roop Verma, 'Homage To Ganesha'. Roop Verma is a world-class sitarist who studied directly with Ravi Shankar. Roop Verma stands at or near the top of classically trained Hindu artists in the world and George was delighted with the privilege of working with such an immense talent. Roop and George also shared a common belief in the healing nature of music as one of it's primary uses or benefits. There has been phenomenally positive feedback regarding the use of 'Homage To Ganesha' for powerful meditative experiences. George's life experiences have led him to try to combine the healing techniques he has acquired through psychological and spiritual training to the composition and performance of musical creations. This is most evident in his latest composition, 'Call Me Home'. Many of the pieces have powerful personal relevance and significance to the artist and deal with such universal issues as death/transition, gain/loss, change, joy and, of course, love. The artist invites and welcomes comments regarding his works from all listeners and sincerely hopes they touch people in a deep and positive way.

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