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Andanca on CD

Grazyna and Paulinho have been working together for 10 years, in Chicago where both live and abroad. They tour around the world having now three albums to their record. First duo CD "Fragile" (2000), second recorded and released at Japan's Pony Canyon Record "Three for Brazil - Homage" (2002) with saxophone player Greg Fishman, and the third one "ANDANÇA" is ready for you now! Grazyna Auguscik & Paulinho Garcia - ANDANÇA - GMA Records We need not understand the language, but we understand the metaphor . It's all you need to know to appreciate the message of families, singing, laughing, rejoicing love's message, for we always remember the good things. Where the poetry begins by remembering the life's true love of being there. Grazyna Auguscik, a Polish American jazz singer from Chicago who understands the nuance of music, love and dance sings with Paulinho Garcia, Brazilian guitarist, composer and the DAFO String Quartet, the music of Antonio Carlos Jobim, Baden Powel, Airto and Milton Nascimento. "Andanza"a lovely song with a brightly colored bridge, a harmony of singers rising to a connection of strings, of life, music that proclaims the fountain everlasting. "Bala Com Bala" a rousing greeting to dance, enjoy a carioca carefree moment. Auguscik adds a Polish lullaby, "Gdy wybiarac' jeszcze mogtam" with a Brazilian flavor, instinctive. She's able to sing in both languages. Maybe the rules don't apply here as Garcia adds a line or two, the meaning of life is music in any language. "Casa Forte" is expressive vocalize. Jobim's "Falando de Amor," "O boto" and "Photograph." Bellisimo! The classic "So Nice" is done so nice in this Auguscik/Garcia emergent duet with a saxophone reminiscent of Stan Getz. Then a fragrance of Milton Nascimento's "Nothing Will Be As It Is" with strings where Grazyna sings in English and Garcia in Portuguese. Wondrous. "Spinoza Nas" is another song that Grazyna sings in Polish and Garcia in Portuguese. We can only speculate. That's the fun of this review. "Prelude in e-minor" is performed in a minor with "How Insensitive" is poetry, carmel, joy and chocolate. The Grazyna Auguscik and Paulinho Garcia duet is remarkable, iconic, reflective, everlasting in the minds of fans, creating believers everywhere in this multi shrinking universal world we live. Paulinho Garcia's acoustic guitar adds just the right gist to Grazyna Auguscik's method a prominent part in this project, his stamp, his scenario as a French new wave, blends with her life of mood, permissive world view and joy. Dick Crockett "The Voice:" 88.7fm 4623 T Street, Suite A Sacramento, Ca 95819-4743 Mondays 10am & 10 pm, Pacific radio"Live 365"