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Great Guitars At Sun /  Various
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Great Guitars At Sun / Various on CD

Sam Phillips' legendary SUN RECORDS is famous for guitar-toting stars like Elvis, Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins. But dazzling string work at SUN was not limited to records by these three famous artists. This is a CD for musicians as well as record collectors. We've saved you the trouble of going through hundreds of original sources to find the best of the best. It's all here, in one place, culled from hundreds of hours of listening. Whether you want to bask in it or learn from it, this truly is the definitive collection of 'Great Guitars At Sun.' 'Great Guitars At Sun' includes some breathtaking playing: from legends like Scotty Moore to stylists like Luther Perkins. Some, like Carl Perkins, Little Milton and Roy Orbison, were far better known as singers. Other guitarists we selected - men like Eddie Bush and Pat Hare and Roland Janes - worked in near obscurity, but their brilliant playing illuminated recordings by better known vocalists. Sam Phillips, the founder and guiding hand of SUN RECORDS, knew how to listen and he knew how important the musicians were. He went so far as to create a "house band" during SUN's Golden Era - a group of wonderful instrumentalists he would routinely call upon to play at vocalists' recording sessions. We'll listen to these records like Sam Phillips did, to get a deeper appreciation of the music that came out of the SUN studio. The CD comes with track-by-track listening notes by musicians and SUN historians, Hank Davis and Scott Parker. In two collections of recordings from the legendary SUN label in Memphis ('Great Guitars At Sun' and 'Great Drums At Sun') we change the usual focus. Now the spotlight is off the singers and firmly on the guitarists and drummers who provided so much of what was great about our favorite SUN records. There are thousands of SUN reissue albums out there but none before has put the musicians at the center of attention. That change is long overdue.

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