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  • Artist: Gyre
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 884501653534
  • Item #: 636869X
  • Genre: Heavy Metal
  • Release Date: 12/6/2011
  • Rank: 1000000000
Price: $8.38

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Gyre on CD

vacuate Caught in the undertow Forget your dreams of home Shattered illusions of control facing bleakness eternal all alone Crawling grasping nothing can overcome it's hold Clawing, gasping, nothing can overcome it's hold I give in, so let it drag me in, let it drag me down, Let it drag me deep within... this It could be the cause of everything Revolving faster and faster in a ring The falcon has found it's master Choking, grasping, drag me into the void Revolving faster and faster and faster in a ring The falcon has found it's master. We must evacuate, trying to escape a fate we created Lifeless vision, validates decisions In every contradiction To wake us from our doom To wake us from our doom ingularity Ripping Apart Our self-centered consciousness We lose our humanity As it destroys Everything that divides Becoming one with the infinite Rise, Rise Keep all the thoughts that are left aligned No time to breath Now we are here Everywhere, but nowhere Folding in on our-selves. Swallowed up by the universe. Rise, Rise Save all the breath that we sanctify Now decide, kill the thoughts that were left I fall in Into myself I fall into myself I see it It waits for me Patiently waits for me Beyond the pleasure Beyond the pain Beyond desire Beyond the shame Eternity Awaits (Tenuity) (Tighten the Gyre) Nothing but our power and will Pinpoint us where we stray It keeps us safe and sane Limbs no longer rooted into the ground Swaying in our disarray We recognize our fatal flaw for what it is Seeking pity from a pitiless sun Tighten the gyre Designing the backdrop to a stage of existence Relying on a single step to obtain our resistance Pinpointed where we stray Swaying in our disarray It keeps us safe and sane We recognize our fatal flaw And what we have to make of it And we will wander Further into unknown spaces The pull is stronger Down in the tightening gyre So save our-selves Save our-selves.