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Got Late Early
  • Artist: Half Past 6
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 707541175791
  • Item #: CDBY117579
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 12/5/2009
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  • Rank: 1000000000
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Got Late Early on CD

Turn on the radio in most any rural Midwestern town and you are bound to find two signals breaking through the static: the classic rock station and the country station. It's noteworthy because rock and country have always been rivals of sorts - each is clearly influenced by the other, but listeners tend to passionately choose just one style. Bands and fans alike will sometimes 'cross over' for a song or even an album, but few make the simultaneous commitment to both genres like Minneapolis band, Half Past 6. Their second release, Got Late Early [Top Spin Records], is set to arrive in stores on January 26, 2010. Half Past 6 is the creation of Tom Gebell, a New Jersey native who himself grew up on a steady diet of hard rock and Bruce Springsteen... while his parents kept their radio tuned to WHN, the New York area's only country radio station at that time. "I remember how I used to plug my ears with my fingers whenever they had it on," says Gebell, who lampoons that era in the light-hearted, "Throw Me out the Door." "Apparently, I was still listening pretty closely." Gebell wore many hats on Got Late Early. He produced and mixed the album, wrote twelve of the thirteen tracks, and played most every note on guitar. He even tried his hand at lead vocals a couple times. And while those contributions to crafting the HP6 sound are certainly substantial, Tom is always quick to pass on the credit to the rest of this talented band for their role in making the album soar: the confident drawl of Greg Carson on lead vocals, the improvisational prowess of "Lightnin' Joe" Peterson on keyboards and harmonica, the drive and flair of Kenny Aaronson on bass, the robust strut of Ben Peterson on drums... these guys perform magnificently on Got Late Early, and they ultimately take the band to new heights. Lyrically more ambitious than the band's debut, Got Late Early sets out to convey a positive message without preaching, and Gebell writes without pretense about those things he holds close to his heart. The title track, "Got Late Early," (whose title is a variation of a famous quote by baseball great, Yogi Berra) is a plea for less selfishness in the world; while the tender ballad, "You Can Dance," speaks to the challenges of balancing parenthood with a marriage and a career. Half Past 6 has always been known as an up-tempo live band, and while Got Late Early does have it's serious moments, there's a lot of fun in there too. "The Summer Heat," is a fusion of punk and country that is reminiscent of a Social Distortion romp. "All of My Heroes" and "Not Again" are both updates to that classic 70s blues rock sound, while the catchy "The Kid Inside" is HP6 at it's country best. As Half Past 6 prepares for their second tour, one thing is certain: rock fans and country fans alike are most definitely invited to the party - but they better bring their dancin' shoes.