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Sancta Camisia
  • Artist: Hans Christian
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 609028080126
  • Item #: CDBY808012
  • Genre: New Age
  • Release Date: 1/1/2008
Price: $16.64
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Sancta Camisia on CD

Hans Christian is a German cellist, composer, music producer, recording artist, and sound engineer. He is co-founder and the creative force behind the music group RASA which has released six CDs since 2000. RASA's devotional and elegant sound has earned Hans an international reputation as talented composer, performer, and producer. In addition to RASA, Hans has participated in many musical projects, spanning various styles. He has lived in the United States since 1982 and is currently based in Door County, WI. His latest CD, Sancta Camisia, was recorded live inside the famous Chartres Cathedral in France and features Hans Christian on solo cello. The CD sets a contemplative and devotiional mood with energetic passages, as well as gregorian chant type repetitive melodic structures. The music is improvised, yet clearly structured and well recorded with lots of ambience. Solo Music by Hans Christian: Sancta Camisia (Allemande Music, 2008) Cinema Of Dreams (Allemande Music, 2007) Light&Spirit (New Earth Records, 2005) Surrender (Allemande Music, 1996) Phantoms (Allemande Music/ Grabaciones Lejos Del Paraiso, 1993) Hypnotized (Allemande Music, 1989) Verwischte Spuren/Without A Trace (self released, 1988) Signals From Unterland (self released, 1987) Notable recording projects with Hans Christian: RASA/Saffron Blue (New Earth Records 2007) RASA/Temple Of Love (New Earth Records 2006) RASA/Shelter (New Earth Records 2003) RASA/In Concert (Hearts Of Space 2002) RASA/Union (Hearts Of Space 2001) RASA/Devotion (Hearts Of Space 2000) GuruNam/Journey Home (Spirit Voyage Records, 2007) Michael Kolasa (Spirit Voyage Records, 2007) Dave Stringer/Divas and Devas (Spirit Voyage, 2007) Krishna Rose/Beneath The Rose (self released, 2007) Peter Kater (2007) Frank Serafine (2006) Peter Sterling (Real Music, 2006) Ben Leinbach/ Yofiya (2006) Robert Gass (Spring Hill Music, 2006) Kaleidoscope (Musicians from Door County/ B.G. Productions, 2005) Jeanne Kuhns/Lost Moth Found (Lost Moth Studio, 2005) Claudia Russell (Rhythm Radio Records 2005) Irari (Ira Stein, Irina Mikhailova) (Esquisses/2004) Girish/Reveal (Ajna Music, 2004) Sophia/Chakra Healing Chants (Sequoia, 2003) Silvia Nakkach/Inside (Relaxation Company, 2001) Jai Uttal, others/Hanuman Chaleesa (Hanuman foundation, 2000) Dave Stringer/Brink (Ajna Music, 2000) Krishna Das/Live On Earth (Triloka, 1999) Silvia Nakkach/Ah (Relaxation Company, 1999) Fred Alley/Hans Christian/Ira Stein/The Lake (Allemande, 1998) Krishna Das/One Track Heart (Triloka, 1998) Vas/Offerings (Narada, 1998) Irina Mikhailova/Russian Twilight (Well Tempered, 1997) Irina Mikhailova/Gothica (1995) Fred Alley, Hans Christian, Ira Stein/Door Christmas ( Allemande, 1995) Ira Stein/Spur Of The Moment (Narada, 1994) Ira Stein/Carousel (Narada, 1992) Toni Childs/Union (A&M, 1988) Gene Clark (So Rebellious A Lover/A&M, 1988) Robbie Robertson/Robbie Robertson (Geffen, 1987) Victoria Williams/Victoria Williams (Geffen, 1986) A Drop In The Gray/Certain Sculptures (Geffen, 1985)

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