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  • Weight of the False Self (Bone Brown Swirl-Black Mint Green Splatter) , Hatebreed

    List Price: $24.98
    Price: $22.48
    You Save: $2.50 (10%)
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    Weight Of The False Self , Hatebreed

    • Artist:
    • Genre: Heavy Metal
    • Label: Nuclear Blast Americ
    • Release Date: 11/27/2020
    • Features: CD
    • 2020 release. With unflinching tenacity, the impenetrable heavy metal hardcore factory that is Hatebreed has brought forth yet another iron cast, sonic weapon with Weight Of The False Self. It comes... more
    Price: $11.79
  • The Concrete Confessional , Hatebreed

    • Artist:
    • Genre: Rock, Heavy Metal
    • Label: Nuclear Blast Americ
    • Release Date: 5/13/2016
    • Features: CD
    • 2016 release, the seventh album from the metal outfit. An institution can be relied on forever. It's foundations don't shake due to the winds of change or tides of trends-no matter how volatile,... more
    Price: $15.58
  • Divinity of Purpose , Hatebreed

    Price: $19.53
  • Under the Knife , Hatebreed

    Price: $11.23
  • Satisfaction Is the Death of Desire , Hatebreed

    • Artist:
    • Genre: Punk
    • Label: Victory Records
    • Release Date: 11/11/1997
    • Features: CD
    • New Haven CT's Hatebreed have grown into one of the most sought after hardcore bands in the U.S.. Their perfect combination of brutal metallic riffs gut wrenching vocals and classic most parts have... more
    Price: $13.03
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