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Works for Violoncello & Piano
  • Label: Cybele
  • UPC: 809548019129
  • Item #: 2141907X
  • Release Date: 3/1/2019
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Works for Violoncello & Piano on SACD-Hybrid

I have already been asked many times," says Cécile Grüebler, "why I have still not recorded any albums. The reason is that I do not want merely to play beautiful works, but rather tell a story and design a programme whose aim is connecting people and generations and showing a new musical path." The Swiss cellist has now found such a programme, and the "musical path" is immediately clear in that the three composers featured on this release are linked by teacher-pupil relationships. How this project came into being is a minor miracle to Cécile Grüebler: in 2017, with her long-time duo partner, the pianist Tamara Chitadze, she happened to cross the trail of Hindemith while on an extended stay in New York: "As I was walking on the streets, cello in tow, I got wrapped up in a thrilling conversation with the Manhattan-based 80-plus-year-old composer Walter Skolnik. Many hours of music-making together ensued, and I was allowed to listen in on stories from his student days. I learned that the German-American Bernhard Heiden had studied with Hindemith and later became Walter Skolnik's most important teacher. By the time I returned home, I had a fully-formed idea for a project in mind, which is a labor of love that also makes sense musically.

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