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Now and The Not Yet
  • Artist: Holy Moly Band
  • Label: Broom Closet Records
  • UPC: 837101272803
  • Item #: CDBY127280
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 3/18/2008
List Price: $11.98
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Now and The Not Yet on CD

The Holy Moly Band is rockin! Raw energy musical styles blended with experience of live preformance and intriquing lyrics compose the core of the Holy Moly Band. Celebrated by many as one of the most unique and original bands on the Christian music scene, while at the same time appealing to many in the secular music community. 'The Now & Not Yet' is a must have for any collection. Holy Moly Band has been together for over 9 years. During that time there have been a few transitions in band members but their vision and focus on quality music has remained the same. The band takes great pride in their live preformance which translates to the quality of music found on their CD. All of their music is fresh and original and while they are definitely a Rock band their style celebrates a diversity of color and texture. Passion, self expression, and integrity of conviction permeate this entire collection of songs. Much of the music you hear today, including that found in most of the Christian music industry, come across as canned or playing to the media influences directed by music sales. 'The Now & Not Yet' breaks through those boundaries with songs that come straight from the heart of the band. The Holy Moly Band shares that which they have been given and has truely accomplished creating an album that crosses all generations and rock genres.

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