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Home's Child /  Various
  • Artist: Various Artists
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  • Genre: International
  • Release Date: 6/15/2010
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Home's Child / Various on CD

Haitian born drummer, percussionist and producer Jonas 'Datah' Beaubrun, found his passion for music and the arts at a very early age. His exposure to a multitude of life experiences has led to his appreciation of so many different genres, and his cross-cultural sense. His influences and personal discoveries have led to his philosophy: "music has and knows no boundaries... yet can cross them all." As a double major in college, music and psychology, he studied with the great Beth Gottlieb and also had a few sit downs with Danny Gottlieb as well. During his undergraduate experience, had the honor of meeting and taking a few pointers from Joe Morello and once shared the stage with Sonny Emory. In addition, he also co-facilitated community drum-circles with Paulo Mattioli and Arthor Hull. Along the way Jonas has had the opportunity to dialogue with drum greats such as, Cindy Blackman, Jesse Moody, Mark St. Pierre and Dennis Chambers, to name a few who were kind enough to share insight on technique and musical philosophy. Shortly after graduating from Rollins, he went on to graduate school where he completed a Masters in Counseling Psychology. In addition to music, psychology has also found it's way into Jonas' heart. He has always been interested in both the arts and mental health as it relates to the development of adloescents. As a result he has worked with Pre-College Programs,Upward Bound at the University of Maryland for several years. In addition to playing, writing, and producing music, Jonas is also a teacher of the drumming art from which he derives a great deal of satisfaction. The passing on of traditional art styles is tied to the evolution of both man and music. Jonas is the founder of the all occasion band BEAUBRUN, and also the founder of J'Siah Studios LLC, which was inspired after listening to his sons Josiah and Jaylen, who are all drummers at a very early age. Jonas' Thoughts: Music is a gift, and I hope that my way of expressing it serves as a gift to others. I just want to throw a pebble, one big enough to throw into this vast sea of consciousness, and create a ripple worthy of notice and eventual positive change. I am continuously seeking to evolve and create music that is, at times, non-traditional in approach and feel, yet deliberately designed to fascinate, captivate, move and groove. I am not alone on this journey. Fortunately I have been blessed to work with some incredibly talented individuals who continue to inspire me more than they may know. Like the heart beat is common in all, I hope my music can one day find it's place within creation-kind's rhythm. The goal of the Pitit Lakay project is to utilize music as a means of maintaining awareness of the needs of Haiti's people, providing music that is uplifting and captivating, and creating a platform for new inspiring talent to contribute to a positive cause.