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Way Back Home
  • Artist: Incognito Tuxedo
  • UPC: 885007131069
  • Item #: 639594X
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 9/1/2010
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Way Back Home on CD

Who is Incognito Tuxedo? Imagine 3 guys who love playing music but don't have time to be in a band and you have Incognito Tuxedo. Since their 'birth' 5 years ago, one member has graduated from college as a High School German and Spanish teacher, one (a youth minister) has moved from Nampa to Murfreesboro, TN to Salt Lake City Utah and the third (a business manager) has somehow managed to keep his sanity and his marriage intact. Founding member Mick McKenney (guitars and keyboards) formed I.T. in 2006 as a means to creatively purge himself of all the cool 80's guitar riffs that seemed to be trapped in his mind at any given time. To join him on his musical journey, he enlisted Rock/metal drummer J.P. Espil who brought to the table such diverse influences as Rush, Metallica and The Ramones. Rounding out the three piece and throwing another proverbial monkey wrench into the mix is singer Dimas Ferreira who spends his time listening to Godsmack and Jim Croce. The band spent their first few years practicing when they had time in the basement of J.P.'s house in Nampa Idaho . In 2007 J.P. announced that he and his wife (well known Christian recording artist Jaime Thietten) were going to move to Nashville Tennessee . Two weeks before the big move, and with the help of some of Mick's friends, Incognito Tuxedo recorded drum tracks for all their songs. This was accomplished in a time slot of about 2.5 hours in J.P.'s basement. Over the next 2 years, Mick and Dimas worked on guitar, keyboard and vocal tracks for the songs. During this time, files were sent to a studio in TN where J.P. laid down his vocals for the songs that he sings and to round it all out, local singer Tonya Judd was enlisted to lend vocals to a couple songs and David Carradine's bass player Clynell Jackson III from California lent his talent to a few tracks as well. In 2010 the CD finally went to print and was named 'Way Back Home' after one of the tracks but also as a subtle hint to drummer J.P. Now that the band is geographically closer than they have been in quite some time, there is talk of another project. If so, be on the look out in about 5 years for our second release! Who does Incognito Tuxedo sound like?: Good question. We don't know. The music has been compared to Cheap Trick and The Cars. While we are certainly honored to be mentioned among such great bands, we aren't convinced that we sound like them. The melodies, though reminiscent of 80's rock, are fresh and unique. The lyrics will keep you guessing as the subject matter ranges from the serious (war in Iraq, homeless and marginalized groups in society, coming of age, recovery from Alcoholism and gang violence) to the whimsical (superheroes dying, crazy ex-girlfriends, joys of being 21). Despite what you think of the music, the lyrics will make you think and laugh. The 80's influence is there but is not 'suffocating' and the overal production is good. We, the members, think we sound like Incognito Tuxedo. Listen for yourself and then email us and tell us who you think we sound like. The Members: Mick McKenney (guitars, keyboards, and some backing vocals if J.P. says it's ok)-???? Dimas Ferreira (Vocals)- J.P. Espil (drums and vocals)-J.P. has played in a variety of bands including rock, punk, classic rock, 80's rock and heavy metal. By day he is a full time youth minister and currently is the Campus Minister at Judge Memorial Catholic High School in Salt Lake City Utah . He is married to Christian singer Jaime Thietten and resides in Midvale Utah. He currently is the drummer for Salt Lake based metal band 'Hooga'. He cites his drumming influences as Tommy Aldridge, Lars Ulrich, Neil Peart and Marky Ramone. He enjoys long runs with his dogs and training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.