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Divided States of America
  • Artist: J.G. Boccella
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 634479453823
  • Item #: SRD945382
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 8/7/2001
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Divided States of America on CD

With his debut recording, J.G. Boccella brings a passionate eye and clear new voice to the contemporary music scene, blending simple narratives and provocative sound. His single "Today" is being called a "12-Step Anthem" because of it's uplifting, infectious melody and rhythms, that have inspired many people in 12-Step and other recovery programs. (Just scroll down and look to the left, then click on the song title to hear it). Working from a musical palette that includes traditional blues and gospel, reggae and rock, alternative pop and hip-hop, J.G. constructs a variety of sound textures. J.G. names Bob Marley and B.B. King as major influences, especially for the raw and unadorned vocal styles at work in many of their songs. Tony Norman, columnist for the Pittsburgh Post Gazette calls J.G.'s music 'polyrhythmic, reggae-inflected folk-pop'. 'J.G. Boccella is a man out of time'. His debut recording 'confronts society's ills with a mix of styles ranging from jazz to reggae, with lyrics that are unabashedly hopeful.' -Rege Behe, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 'Boccella advocates change without being preachy, and he's got the musical skills to back it up. Because he incorporates elements of such varied styles of music and pairs them with forward-thinking lyrics, he is sure to gain an eclectic audience.' - Sara Causey, Rock n Roll Reporter 'J.G.'s CD is both thought-provoking and multi-culturally aware, boasting a modern vibe that unites numerous musical traditions: jazz, blues, reggae, funk, rock, hip-hop and politically-edged song-writing.' - Kim Jones, In Pittsburgh 'A suite of songs about race, class and other divisions that continue to haunt the American dream.' - Tony Norman, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

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