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Before the Suffering
  • Artist: J. Seay
  • UPC: 884501336130
  • Item #: CDBY133613
  • Genre: Christian
  • Release Date: 6/22/2010
  • Rank: 1000000000
Price: $17.64
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Before the Suffering on CD

Born in Oakland,CA & Raised in Vallejo, CA J.-Seay brings his bay area style worldwide with musical influences from icon heavyweights from Tupac to Micahel Jackson. Influenced from an early age with R&b, Jazz, Rap Music & Soul. His creativity is manifested in just about everything he touches. Debuting with his solo album "Out Of This World" in 2003. J.-Seay is back with a vengeance after taking a 7 year break from the music game. His first CD gained local acclaim, and has even been labeled a classic amongst music heads & followers. His newest CD "Before The Suffering..." only adds flames to the mix. J.-Seay delivers a hard hitting style with spiritually infused lyrics and a good wholesome dose of street game. In the 7 years between albums J.-Seay has grown and matured to a way of life and style which is unmatched in most hip hop artists today. Crediting his influences in the game today and the past His sound has purely evolved into a man with success as the only way out. As the world comes to know J.-Seay and his creative genius which is the arts & entertainment, fans will be pleasantly rewarded with hard cutting sounds and lyrics, conviction, and truth in his lyrics. Never afraid to admit faults and receive his blessings J.-Seay is purely an open book who embellishes his soul in every fiber and fabric of his music. Look for J.-Seay all around the web and media outlets everywhere. Visionary Grind Entertainment is the music and performing arts label of J.-Seay received from The Lord Above. The company motto is to provide integrity, truth, hard work, and creativity in music with accountability and responsibility. Listeners from all over the world have witnessed J.-Seay do his thing on the microphone and soon will witness him live and onstage in concert at a venue near you. Keep yo eyes peeled and don't forget to keep Visionary Grindin'.