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Real Me
  • Artist: J-Shyne
  • UPC: 884501400749
  • Item #: SRD140074
  • Genre: Christian
  • Release Date: 10/19/2010
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Real Me on CD

Gerren Lavey Shider a.k.a "J-Shyne", Manager/Producer/Singer/Song Writer Gerren L. Shider eldest child of George L. Shider and Brenda A. Shider, began his musical career at an early age of 6 years old when he was introduced to the drums. Just a year later, his father introduced him to the keyboard. Gerren spent hours practicing what at the time only sounded like noise. As his noise developed into wonderful music he began playing in church for the choir alongside his father, uncle and two cousins. His uncle William "Kenny" Shider has played for world renowned gospel artist and Pastor John P. Kee. His cousin William (Ken-Ken) Shider Junior plays for many famous artists throughout the U.S. Gerren's musical gifts are strongly connected to his generational bloodline. At age 9, as Gerren's keyboard playing continued to blossom he began writing and composing music. He continued to play for numerous choirs, groups and churches. When Gerren was a junior in high school he formed a Rhythm and Blues group named "O-ficial) with 4 other classmates. O-ficial went on to perform original songs composed and produced by Gerren. O-ficial attracted quite a crowd and released their album "UnBroken" in 2006. Shortly after, Gerren decided to take his talents further by signing an independent artist contract with U-Down Records in South Carolina. As an Independent Artist, Gerren produced, wrote and arranged his entire album. Three of his singles made it to the Top 5 of the internet radio station playlist. His hit single was #1 on the station charts for 2 weeks. With this success God had another plan in mind for Gerren. After completing high school in 2006, Gerren attended college for three semesters before enlisting in the United States Air Force. Where he met and married Ebony C. Smith. Together they rededicated their lives to Jesus Christ at the East Side Faith Center in Wichita Falls, TX. After rededicating his life Gerren decided to switch over from R & B to Gospel music. He no longer wanted to help get people into the clubs but now his mission was to do God's work and bring them out of the club. Looking back over his life Gerren realized that he has always been destined to do God's work, but just as the Prodigal Son he wanted to do what he wanted to do with his gift. Now Gerren, thanks God for never leaving him and now helping him put together his lifelong dream of owning a music production studio. In honor of his father Gerren has decided to name his business after his father George "High Rider" Lavey Shider. J-Shyne •co-founder and owner of High Rider Productions, LLC •Singer, Songwriter and Producer •R & B Artist turned Gospel: J-Shyne is on Fire for the Lord. His debut Christian album "The Real Me". •J-Shyne has been producing, writing and performing music for 14 years with two previous R & B albums under his belt; "The Real Me" is expected to be an explosion of Christian gifts and talents with an R&B feel. •Contact J-Shyne via email for products, services and to perform at your future event!