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Skyhouse & Scarlet
  • Artist: Jason Rubero
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 634479176272
  • Item #: SRD917627
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 10/4/2005
  • This product is a special order
Price: $12.73
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Skyhouse & Scarlet on CD

This is Jason Rubero's second full-length CD, 'Skyhouse and Scarlet'. Some regard it as his best work, with it's sprawling soundscapes and variety of song styles, from trippy space-jazz to power-pop to hip-psychedelia. Accenting his traditional rock instrumentation with such instruments as trumpet, French horn, saxophone, and clarinet, this record is a watermark of creativity and sonic adventure. Listen. Enjoy. Buy. Keep enjoying. ~ And now for a REVIEW from 'Jason Rubero is a talent to keep an eye on. His album Skyhouse and Scarlet is a seminal listening experience, traversing many different sonic styles to create an album that plays as a whole better than most I've heard in a good while. This is the kind of blend that makes the best music, and I have a feeling Rubero is just getting started. Opening with the catchy harmonics of 'Look At Me', the album comes out blazing. With a slight tinge of Pink Floyd in the background, though it certainly isn't the mainline of the song, you can't help but enjoy this one, and it gives you a good glimpse of what this album is going to become. You are quickly led into the gentle soothing sounds of Beatlesque title track 'Skyhouse and Scarlet', one of my favorites on the album. This song has everything from a catchy hook to timewarp vocals. It's almost like we're hearing a blend of the best of Rubero's many influences combined with his very formidible skill as a songsmith. If you like 'Strawberry Fields' you'll love this one. And while I'm on the subject of Rubero's tenacity as a songwriter, I feel I should mention his excellent lyrics. On 'Meet The Artist', he sings Still, I would like more than the glimpse / I caught since I first saw the mercywheel / I want to meet the Man, the perfect Artist / Who can summon all I see, hear, feel. And this theme continues thoughout the album, this man's need to be able to take what he feels and detail it. He writes in 'Asphalt and Glasses', that My hopeless words are cold and pale / Like lifeless heroes so perfectly flawed and human. But as the album winds down, he writes of faith and reality and how we seem to find these to be mutually exclusive things. He writes It isn't faith that makes me nervous / But religion engineered by man / Folding God like oragami / Until He fits so neatly in our hand / And we don't want to think / We don't want to feel / Believe all we touch is all that's real ('Feel') When the album is done, these songs form something complete. We can appreciate the wonderous way the music blends and bends to move us through a sonic dream world. And the lyrics give the album a real sense of meaning. Skyhouse and Scarlet is the kind of album you don't come across often, a series of songs that will remind you upon every listen what truly is real. It's worth every minute.' - Gods of Music.

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