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  • Artist: Jeffrey Foskett
  • Label: BMG Rights Managemen
  • UPC: 4050538543568
  • Item #: 2220256X
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 11/22/2019
  • Rank: 1000000000
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Voices on CD

What a thrill it was to hear Jeff singing "Adios" with his unique, plaintiff voice. Seems to fit the song perfectly. Jeff is in many ways an unsung hero - the man in the back of the band who is meticulously teaching background parts including phrasing dynamics and all the subtleties to background singers. I remember he got David Crosby, Carly Simon and myself together to sing "In My Room". He taught us the parts in about ten minutes. Great teacher and vocal arranger. So wonderful to see his long overdue solo record. -Jimmy Webb I remember the first time I heard Jeffrey's voice - standing beside him sharing a live mic, singing harmonies. Flawless pitch, in the pocket, completely committed to the performance. His voice a perfect instrument. An experience I've been lucky to have many times. - Robert Lamm (Chicago) Jeffrey Foskett has been a close friend and peer for decades whom I respect immensely for his incredible voice and musical sensibilities. Our band, America, has worked with and sang with him in every capacity from live touring together with The Beach Boys since the 70's, to recording beautiful background vocals on many of our recordings, to actually occasionally filling in for band members if needed. He is a great vocal arranger and seems to effortlessly add beautiful vocal parts to any song. I particularly marvel at the work he did with me on the Brian Wilson song, Caroline No, for our Back Pages project in 2012. There are precious few singers who equal the voice of Jeffrey Foskett. - Dewey Bunnell (America) It didn't take years of touring together with the beach boys to discover what was glaringly apparent from day one. Jeff is a talent of immeasurable beauty. There are voices & then there are VOICES. Who can sing higher? Who is the most expressive? We all have a list of qualities we listen for. Very rarely does someone combine them all to create something truly signature. Jeff's is such a voice. We have been fortunate to sing, work & play together for forty years. As he's heard me say many times... Jeff is one of my favorite people on the planet. - Gerry Beckley (America) My dear friend Jeff Foskett has brought his unique voice and production skills, honed from years with the Beach Boys to create his own take on some classics that show the breadth of his talents. Carl would be proud xxx - Christopher Cross Knowing Jeff Foskett since he was a student at UCSB and had a band called Reverie, throughput the years he has been a vocal blessing to all of us. Whether it be The Beach Boys, Brian Wilson and his band, or The Endless Summer Beach Band; so many variations and so many groups have been blessed to have him be an integral member. Not only are all the accolades true regarding Jeff's vocal range and abilities, but the thing that makes him special is the fact that he is tremendously giving, loving, and a person who never fails to be of service to others. I am delighted that his vocal talents are showcased on this album and I'm forever grateful for his friendship, and the blessing of his talents. - Mike Love Jeff's voice is one of the top five greatest voices I've ever heard, because of the way he expresses himself. It blows me away. - Brian Wilson