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  • Artist: Jimmy C
  • UPC: 700261283227
  • Item #: CDBY128322
  • Genre: Easy Listening
  • Release Date: 12/8/2009
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THE EFFECTS Liner Notes by David L. Brown "Crude PA" LP Volume Two/Distortions Records The Effects achieved a certain amount of regional fame in the Philadelphia tri-state area and various parts of New England. They traveled from concerts, proms and fraternity parties in a retired-from-service 1952 Buick ambulance emblazoned with the band's name in the same style as "The Beatles" logo on Ringo's drum. There was a fan club, success in battle of the bands competitions which were big in the 60's, feature stories in the newspapers local and major markets, magazine articles, agents, managers, a roadie (count 'em-1) The Effects made an 8 mm movie for viewing and listening to their music in what was known as a "movie o la machine". It was like a video juke box, pre-dating modern day videos. Memorable gigs of note: Steel Pier Atlantic City, The Academy of Music in Philadelphia, D.J. dance shows on local T.V. (George Woods "The Guy with the Goods" and the Ed Hurst TV show) and the infamous Lou Turk's in beautiful downtown Essington PA. The Vietnam War was the catalyst in the break up of the band as a key member was drafted and served with distinction trading a mod suit for a combat uniform. The band never regained it's momentum and the possible break out of the band into the big time was put on hold. A common problem in the 60's record industry was that some of the best music never got national release, was buried in obscurity, or never released at all. The Effects for a time were managed by a couple of big band leaders who also owned M.W.Lads/Goodway Records as well as Discoscene Magazine. The magazine always contained a cardboard disc that featured snippets of great songs which sometimes got released. The Effects were undoubtedly one of the best groups in the Philadelphia area with their exceptional song writing and musicianship. Most of their songs appeared on the aforementioned cardboard records in Discoscene Magazine with the exception of the stunning "Don't You Ever Make Me Blue" backed by "Elevator Operator" which found moderate success in the PA. And N.J. area.