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Hospital Radio
  • Artist: Jinxremover
  • Label: Cobraside
  • UPC: 837101207218
  • Item #: SRD120721
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 10/31/2006
  • This product is a special order
Price: $13.63
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Hospital Radio on CD

Please welcome to centre stage, James Childs, Simon Hedges and Christopher Fielden, the one and only Portishead Wall of Sound - Jinxremover! Spawning from Bristol's saviours of rock, Airbus,and rising from the vaults of Rock ?n' Roll, they shred their axes with ease and vamp their hard rocking compositions of old with new. Jinxremover bares it's rock ?n' roll roots to all with glimmers of their varied classic influences such as, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Nirvana, Motorhead, Pink Floyd, The Beatles,The Stones, Hawkwind as well as more recent acts like The Super Furry Animals and PJ Harvey. Jinxremover is a new project made up of players that ooze experience, who have been to the gates of hell and back with eachother, combing out all the industry bullshit and sticking to their vintage guns firing classic song after classic song. The band used to be together under the moniker Airbus and had been together since 1988 garnering a great deal of success on the UK live circuit and with their string of releases, most notably the "Ghosts" album. They started their own record label which they dubbed Spira,purchased their own recording studio, signed with BMG Music and were commissioned by the band Portishead to rewrite a rock version of the band's classic song "Sourtimes" for release as the hit single's B-side. The turn of the century marked a massive change for the band brought on by a big move to the USA. After working with various high profile producers for two years after the move, the natural stress caused by this change led to the indefinite hiatus of the band. James Childs continued to forge his musical career by working with Geoff Barrow (Portishead) and Peter Finestone (Bad Religion) on the Black on Sunshine album "Loves You." That record was co-produced by James Childs and Sargon Dooman of Los Angeles, the latter of whom had stepped in to cover bass duties for Airbus in the US. James Childs went on to produce two albums for Vic du Monte's Persona Non Grata, co-writing one of them, and playing in that band with Chris Cockrell (Kyuss) and Alfredo Hernandez (Kyuss/Queens of the Stoneage). Together they completed a US tour and 4 European tours all within the span of one year. Nicholas Davidge (Airbus) who also co-wrote with James much of the material on Hospital Radio, has moved on to gain success working in television in Los Angeles, writing musical scores and creating high profile advertising campaigns. He is also currently directing a horror film. Christopher Fielden returned to the UK to start his own super hero business and formed the mighty heavy rock band, Ye Gods. He worked again with James Childs when Ye Gods enlisted Childs to mix their debut album entitled Les Banditos avec Mullets. Chris has been maintaining his great art as a drummer with both passion and humour. Simon Hedges remained in the UK moving on to British television working on the hit comedy series, Teachers and has even found himself in actor's shoes at times. Simon continued to keep up his bass guitar chops by playing in various bands in Brighton UK. The original members of Airbus now resurface under the new name Jinxremover and are preparing to deliver a full frontal assault on the UK and Europe in late 2006/2007. James, Chris and Simon will embark on a UK tour this winter as a power trio in support of the new album entitled Hospital Radio released on the Spira Records label. Based on a potent combination of fierce talent, intense passion for music and shear tenacity for the game, this band is a formidable force to be reckoned with.

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