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Fine Spring Morning
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Fine Spring Morning on CD

'Jody Sandhaus has a voice that is subtle and sensitive, and projects clearly a strong emotional tone...some of the most intimate vocals on the jazz scene!' ***** Five stars, CD picks of the Week: JAZZREVIEW.COM 'Impressive range and crystal clear intonation...hints of future greatness...sparkling' Christopher Loudon, JAZZTIMES Jody Sandhaus explores the work of some of our great song-writers, but with a look at some of their lesser known and seldom-mined compositions. Noted for clear interpretations eschewing artifice, Jody brings her trademark clarity and sheen to each selection here. We hear clearly the passion and honesty of Jody Sandhaus as she meets each selection with her own life story. The intersection is where we come in, welcomed in, really. Jody Sandhaus, as always, invites us to remember and feel along with her those universally human themes of youthful fancy, the yearning for love and the time-honored confrontation between optimism and what the world calls 'reality'. With a Proustian touch, she calls to mind in an evanescent way our myriad and uncommon emotions associated with common events, like watching a sunrise 'I Like the Sunrise', (from Duke Ellington's 'Liberian Suite') or regret at love's passing but with a confident eye toward it's eventual and sure rebirth (Peggy Lee's 'There'll be Another Spring') Like all good art, jazz singing can and should address all colors in the spectrum of human emotion. Perhaps too much attention is given to those who choose to focus solely on the grays and paler shades of life. Jody Sandhaus gives those more muted sensibilities their due, and in fully explored readings, but they are more clearly discerned in direct contrast to her naturally unalloyed expressions of the brighter side of life. Jody's native joy at living allows her to see and, indeed through her singing encourages us to see, those full and rich hues that remind us of the gift that life truly is. She continues to stake her claim as a singer who can express and facilitate our renewal in these singular times. If you like to think that the vicissitudes of life can and should be met with our eyes open but with the assurance of the good underneath all things, try Jody Sandhaus.

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