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Free to Fly
  • Artist: Joe Guerra
  • UPC: 827166161426
  • Item #: SRD616142
  • Genre: Christian
  • Release Date: 9/14/2010
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  • Rank: 1000000000
Price: $10.63
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Free to Fly on CD

'Free to Fly' is a huge step forward from the singles Joe released a few years ago. With a new band of talented musicians, improved songwriting and artistic development, all paired with some great lyrical content; the resulting music has been celebrated by his growing fan base across the country. The songs on this six track EP deal with the issue of finding and embracing our true potential in Christ. The title track, 'Free to Fly', really sets the theme for the whole album, one of breaking from the mundane everyday and finding a vibrant new life lived to the fullest; a life that can only truly be found by reaching closer to the heart of God. Joe says 'The songs on this album all come from places I've been on my own life journey in my search for purpose and identity. It's my prayer that this project helps inspire people to live with an eternal perspective, finding their true purpose and Identity in the God that created them and still longs to mold them into the person they were intended to be. As one of the songs says, 'Oh when did we become just a shadow of who we really are, of who we could become? So far from where it all began, when our whole reliance was placed on Him (God), we can come alive again!' so often we cut ourselves short of what God wants for us by falling for the lies this world feeds us rather than embracing who God created us to be and taking hold of what Jesus said he came to give us; real, authentically raw, LIFE to the fullest!'