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Through My Eyes
  • Artist: Joey Blake
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 689076121521
  • Item #: SRD612152
  • Genre: Soul/R & B
  • Release Date: 10/11/2005
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Through My Eyes on CD

Biography of Joey Blake Raised in a family of musicians and gospel singers, Joey's multiple skills include singer, producer, recording engineer, musician (piano, guitar, bass, percussion), composer, and dancer and choir director. He studied classical voice and vocal jazz arranging at Phil Mattson's School for Vocalist in Spokane Washington, developing his deeply resonant and expressive bass vocals. Joey is one of the founding and current members of Voicestra the a cappella ensemble created by Bobby McFerrin. He currently performs with the ensemble SoVoSo, a six member a capella ensemble that spun from Voicestra and has recorded & produced three CD's for this group, (Precious a European release, and Bridges and Seasonings for the US). Joey's desire to teach is motivated by his need to give back to the music that fills his life with so much joy. Joey taught at the Oakland College Preparatory School as the contemporary vocal instructor. He served briefly as Director of Music at The Golden Gate Academy in Oakland California and was commissioned by the Oakland Youth Chorus to write and arrange for it's professional touring ensemble, Vocal Motion. Joey has continued his teaching and is currently on staff at The Berkeley Jazz School as Conductor of the Berkeley Jazz School A cappella Ensemble. Joey also teaches and holds a board position for the Young Performers International organization where he continues his work with children. Joey was also a musician and vocalist in Kenny Loggins' 'Conviction of the Heart' tour, and has appeared in Loggins' VH-1 special as well as Bobby McFerrin's 'The Garden' video as a dancer. He worked with Mickey Hart as a vocalist on Planet Drum and co-wrote selections from the Mondo Head CD. Joey also works with the organization One World Music, Presenting Team Building Workshops through music, with the hope that through this work the world will become more harmonious, within the work place and in our everyday contact with each other. Joey is currently on the faculty of Berklee College of Music in Boston, as an Associate Professor in the Voice Department. He continues to tour with SoVoSo and Bobby McFerrin, while pursuing his solo work and teaching career. Original Compositions of Joey Blake Pslam for Africa : Recorded Live at Zellerbach Hall, UC Berkeley with Bobby McFerrin & Voicestra A Rock a River a Tree : music set to the poem 'On The Pulse of the Morning' by Maya Angelo Tu Para Mi : recorded by Sovoso, 'World Jazz Acappella' Dirt : Co Author along with Bobby McFerrin, Dave Worm, Rhiannon and Nicolus Bearde as a dance score for Brenda Way & ODC recorded by Sovoso 'World Jazz Acappella' Thank You for the Dream : recorded by Sovoso 'Truth and Other Stories' Life and Love : recorded by Sovoso 'Truth and Other Stories' With You : recorded by Sovoso 'Truth and Other Stories' Charity : recorded by Sovoso 'Bridges' Big Family : recorded by Sovoso 'Bridges' New Groove : Co Author along with Sunshine Becker recorded by Sovoso 'Bridges' Listen to the Rain : recorded by Sovoso 'Bridges' Precious : recorded by Sovoso 'Bridges' Holiday Season : recorded by Sovoso 'Seasonings' One Love : recorded by Sovoso 'Then & Now' Sounds of Apocrypha : Score for the stage play Apocrypha Joey Blake 'Through my Eyes' 1. Movin On 4:15 written by Joey Blake & David Frazier 2. Wish I was in love again 3:18 written by Joey Blake & David Frazier 3. Why is love never easy 4:20 written by Joey Blake & David Frazier 4. If we intend 3:43 written by Joey Blake 5. Dream 6:24 written by Joey Blake 6. Downtown in your Mind 3:39 written by Joey Blake & Leon Verrett 7. One mo nuther 4:16 written by Joey Blake & Leon Verrett 8. It was what it was 5:00 written by Joey Blake & David Frazier 9. None 4 U 3:38 written by Joey Blake & David Frazier 10. One love featuring Sovoso 3:51 written by Joey Blake Produced & Recorded by Joey Blake at Blakethru Sound Copyright 2005 Bofadeez BMI All Rights Reserved.