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Bestial Floor [Import]
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Bestial Floor [Import] on CD

There's likely few debut albums which could legitimately claim to simultaneously incapsulate the twisted free blues growl of Beefheart, the riffological heaviosity of early Sabbath, and the industrial lounge mambo of Suicide. Who would even want to? Well . . . JONNY HALIFAX & THE HOWLING TRUTH - that's who. . . and 'THE BESTIAL FLOOR' is that debut album. Based in East London's Bethnal Green, Jonny (Vocals, Lapsteel, Harmonica, Rhythm machine) and Marvin (Guitar, Percussion) take the gentlemanly approach to conjuring their apocalyptic fuzz blues mantras, through a veritable junkshop arsenal of effects units, vintage valves and drum machines. They've recently toured with The Jim Jones Revue and The Magic Band, now their ritualistic racket is laid to tape on 'The Bestial Floor' Album. These 13 acid fried musings on human progress constitute the inaugural full length release from homegrown Greasy Noise Recordings. The album features guest appearances from Duke Garwood on clarinet, Alan Jones on percussion, and was mixed by Ride's Mark Gardener. Julian Cope described it like this: '. . .meanwhile back in the (urban) jungle, something very untoward this way comes. Yup, it's the finished album from Jonny Halifax & The Howling Truth, and it's slitherin' electro-programmed slide-guitar driven Mung Worship sounds like the Bayou by way of Vladivostock. . . . Welcome then to THE BESTIAL FLOOR by Jonny Halifax & The Howling Truth, fifty plus minutes of Soviet engineered programmed swamp rock straight out of Uncle Joe's machine shops. . . Vicious as Shockabilly, freewheeling as the Avatars of the Bad Man, DeTwat metallic as Capt Beefheart's glorious BLUE COLLAR theme 'Hard Workin' F***ed Over Man' AND from London... allegedly. You wanted a Cadillac? They sent you this outsize Plymouth, babies. You wanted a V8 automatic? They gave you three gears from a John Deere tractor. F*** ja!' (Head Heritage, January 2014) Jonny Halifax has previously released 4 x 7' singles and the album 'Invocation Of The Demon Other' as one man band Honkeyfinger, aswell as contributing performances to Andrew Weatherall's Two Lone Swordsmen album 'Wrong Meeting' and UK Metal behemoths Orange Goblin's 'Healing Through Fire' album.