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Flute Sonatas
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  • Release Date: 1/6/2009
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Flute Sonatas on CD

Jonas is principal flutist in the Swedish Wind Ensemble with the principal conductor Christian Lindberg. He is also one of the most consulted freelance musicians in Sweden and have played first flute in all major Swedish symphony and opera orchestras and also reacently with the London Philharmonic Orchestra when he performed Tchaikovskys first symhony and the Fairys kiss by Igor Stravinsky. He has also worked with Benny Andersson (ABBA) in the musicals 'Kristina from Duvemåla' and 'Chess' whom expressed his approval of Jonas nice sound and musicality. He have also recorded two CD: s. 'Flute Sonatas' and 'Flute Pieces'. Flute Sonatas was one of Sweden's most sold classical disks under 7 weeks in line, according to radio channel classic FM: s top list and Flute Pieces was attracted attention in the TV program 'musikspegeln' . Furthermore he has contributed in abut 40 other recordings for example in Bo Kaspers Orchestra. His 6 year education he got in Gothenburg and Stockholm, ended with soloist diploma when he performed Carl Nielsens Flute concerto with Gotherburg symphony orchestra with excellent reviews in the papers . He have also had private lessons from Sir James Galway with whom he have had regular contact with since 1987 and that is one of them who bought Jonas own developed 'Jonas Rings' that improves the flute qualities. Jonas is known for his very beautiful tone and that he have a sensitive ear making him a really skillful ensemble and solo musician.