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  • Artist: Jonathan James
  • UPC: 9326118003551
  • Item #: CDBY003551
  • Genre: Christian
  • Release Date: 8/24/2010
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  • Rank: 1000000000
Price: $19.14
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Exalted on CD

A CD with a touch from the Lord: Jonathan James' new album, Exalted Award-winning Gospel singer, song writer and guitarist Jonathan James, has released his third album of worship songs entitled Exalted. Exalted is a collection of 10 great melodies with rich sounds, strong vocals and beautiful harmonies recorded in Fremantle and Singapore. The songs range from the refreshingly simple and soothing tune of 'Holy, holy, holy' to the well-orchestrated, majestic anthem of 'Exalted'; from the rhythmic and lively Afro-Latin sounds of 'Apple of the Eye' to the pure and angel-like voices of 'Lamb of God'. "There is a strong element of beauty and has a clear message which is conveyed beautifully through great melodies and proverbial lyrics" said Rob Grant, the producer of the album. Sound engineer and guitarist Priam Bacich described the album as "radio-friendly" and "uplifting". "Each song", he added "has it's own unique sound and yet all 10 songs are held together masterfully by the theme of worship and exaltation of the Lord Jesus". Stephanie Truscott, a Choir Director and Dawn Hannell, two of the backup vocalists in the album described Exalted as "a truly Bible-based album where the ancient Psalms come alive with contemporary tunes, sung in an easy and soothing manner...the unmistakable touch of the Lord is evident in each song..." Jonathan James, the lead singer and composer of Exalted was the recipient of the Radio Mike Award in 2007 by New Christian Music (NCM) in the U.K. when two of his songs from the "My Covenant" album made it to the top 5 places in the UK Gospel charts in 2006. All the 10 songs in Exalted were composed by Jonathan within a period of 12 days in 2006 just after the James family holiday plans were cancelled due to the son's sporting injury. "The disappointment turned out to be a divine appointment" according to Jonathan, who is also the International Director of Asia Evangelistic Fellowship, a national mission organization with 150 workers in 10 countries in Asia and the Pacific. Sam Stephens, the executive Producer of the CD, based in Singapore, is confident that "just as the Lord blessed and anointed the first two CDs, Exalted will be greatly used by the Lord to bless and bring healing to listeners." Sam shared: "Much prayer has gone into this project that this CD will be used for the healing of the nations"