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Saigo No Kiss Nara (The Last Kiss) feat. Hitomi Shimatani
  • Artist: Kanako Hara
  • Label: Dobeatu
  • UPC: 4988044089983
  • Item #: 2576332X
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 11/10/2023
7" Single 
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Saigo No Kiss Nara (The Last Kiss) feat. Hitomi Shimatani on 7" Single

Kanako Hara, a rare pianist who has worked on music for many commercials, animations, dramas, movies, musicals, etc. , such as the opening theme of 'Information Live Miyaneya', composed and arranged the song with the concept of 'NEO TOKYO POP SOUND'. From the EP [Tokyo City Pop vol. 1 'Portrait'], Hitomi Shimatani, who has many MEGA POPS HITs, and is active in the current CITY POP scene, has written a book 'The Basics of City Pop' with these 100 photos! A 7inch analog cut of two songs in which Sho Kurashina of the neo-new music band GOOD BYE APRIL, who was also selected for the 2010. The intro phrase of 'Momoko Kikuchi/Garasu no Meidai' in a heartrending love story that evokes the scenery of the bayside at dusk. was sampled 'If it's the last kiss feat. Hitomi Shimatani' (A1). An evergreen drive song '360 feat. Sho Kurashina' that sang the feeling of cherishing an unchanging existence through her famous car 'Subaru 360'. Includes 2 songs that pay homage to the atmosphere of the 80's, but are a new standard pop and life music that is currently in progress!

EP 'Tokyo City Pop vol. 1 'Portrait' will be released on June 7th 2023 produced by Kanako Hara, a Pianist and composer. From this EP, 1st leading digital single 'Tonight is the night feat. Kyoko' will be released on March 29th. Kyoko is a female singer who was active as a vocalist of BARBEE BOYS, which led the band scene in the 80's. The concept of this EP is 'NEO TOKYO POP SOUND', and all songs are written by Kanako Hara. The great 80s feelings and rich sound featuring over-genre 6 vocalist : Kyoko, Hitomi Shimatani, Nijiiro Samurai Zuma, Nikiie, Hiromi, Sho Kurashina from GOOD BYE APRIL.


Side A

1. If it's the last kiss feat. Hitomi Shimatani

Side B

1. 360 feat. Sho Kurashina