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Something Big
  • Artist: Kansas Emissions
  • UPC: 884501250467
  • Item #: CDBY125046
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 12/22/2009
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Something Big on CD

This album is the creation of the band Kansas Emissions. All of the songs were written by Gord Wolfgang and interpreted expertly by the musicians collected to be part of Kansas Emissions. The band is formed by a bunch of guys that have performed one time or another with Gord over the years. Actually as far back as 1971 when he and his cousin Bob Flanigan serenaded the family reunion that Michigan summer. Many of the other guys came along later in Gords musical career. Bob plays guitar on all the tracks and he plays lead guitar on several of them. Also playing guitar, both rhythm and lead (and a little bass), is Jerry Boynton. He hails from Colorado and has performed in JudgementDay and several other bands over the years. Mike Gemborys, played with Gord in Peripheral Devices in the 1980's back in Massachusetts. From Michigan now, Mike played Keyboards on most of the tracks. Mike Sadowski, from Colorado, the drummer from ofb42, JudgementDay, and now Kansas Emissions has been with Gord for many years now. Bryce Boynton, Jerry's son and musical virtuoso, plays piano on many of the tracks and bass on some as well. Finally, with a special arrangement with Screaming Kitty Studios, Rich Sanchez also from Colorado played Bass on most of the tracks. He is affectionatly known as 'Machine Gun' Sanchez and his tracks were recorded at remote locations in Colorado. These guys all came together for a week in May to lay down the basic tracks for this Kansas Emission debut album - Something Big. It was a band camp of sorts. They came in from different parts of the country to work at Main Street Dream Makers Studio near Kansas City. We would like to thank Main Street Dream Makers (MSDM) and Nodrog Productions for helping us put this project together. After the bones were put down additional tracks were recorded at Screaming Kitty Studios, Boulder Colorado and Dog House Music, Louisville Colorado in late June and early July. We also would like to thank their participation, without them this project could not have happened. A couple other guys that really helped out in producing this album, and they are Jim Rainbolt and Kris Bruno. Without their assistance during the mix down and mastering process we could not have produced as clean and complete a product as you will find Something Big to be. We hope in the future these guys can participate musically as well on future projects. Take a listen to the tracks. They tell a story. It is about the things going on around all of us. We need to fix things and we need to work together to fix them. We need to communicate better, we need to play like we are on the same team, we need to do it with the rigor that made us a great country, with a bit of urgency and commitment by all. This story tells about the problems observed by the songwriter, but there is hope if we use those five tenets (Communication, Teamwork, Rigor, Urgency and Commitment). In order for us to break through and cure the ills that we have, we cannot loose hope and we have to work hard to make it a better place for ALL of us to live. Thanks for Listening. Rock On.