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  • Artist: Lance Odegard
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 875531000139
  • Item #: 136243X
  • Genre: Folk
  • Release Date: 11/8/2005
  • This product is a special order
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Renovation on CD

From the rolling opening guitar lines of 'unravelling' the stage is set for a journey. The song itself encapsulates one of the threads that run through the record: change. Like the album title Renovation suggests, life is not static - we are in transition, under construction and on our way to becoming. Renovation is a strong step forward for emerging songwriter Lance Odegard. While embracing the tradition of classic songwriting, he is carving out his own unique voice... Renovation traverses across many different musical styles. There are elements of dusty-road country ('young'), lighthearted pop ('keep on driving') and contemplative folk ('renovation'). At other times songs take excursions into jazz ('orbit') and ambient-rock ('hope'). Songs sway and float ('the incomplete', 'motion is easy') and others drive with burning intensity ('pilot me', 'honestly'). Utilizing mostly acoustic instruments like acoustic guitars, banjo, brushed drums, mandolin, piano, dobro and upright bass, the album is infused with an appealing realness - an organic quality. In an age with overly digitized, sanitized and airbrushed music, Renovation rings true and reminds us of the satisfaction of stripping away the varnish and seeing what's underneath. Vintage wurlitzers and organs add a timelessness to the canvas while lush lapsteels, pump organs and electric guitars colour in the background creating a rich tapestry. There are handclaps and buzzing amps. The Leslie speaker whirrs into action and the frets buzz with authenticity. The melodies are infectious and linger long after. Renovation includes an impressive host of musicians. Mel Hayes (Brian Doerksen Band), Sheree Plett and Carolyn Arends all contribute by bringing their distinct vocal sounds. Producer/musician Jonathan Anderson (Jonathan Inc., Radiogram) plays banjo, lap steel, electric guitar and dobro. Nelson Boschman (Nelson Boschman Trio, Mennonite Jazz Committee) adds his tasteful playing on Wurlitzer, piano, and the Hammond organ. Bruce Rawling (The Rawling Brothers) plays acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, acoustic and electric bass. Steve Klassen (Sterr) and Adam Thomas also share some of the bass credits. Roy Salmond plays pump organ and Kenton Wiens adds his relaxed groove on the drum kit. There's a wonderful humility in Lance's delivery that allows us to open-up to the songs themselves - an inviting warmth that is both disarming and surprising. Lance continues on Renovation, to veer off the well-worn path of clichés to offer fresh vistas and points of view. He employs a well-crafted subtlety and wordplay inside these seemingly simple songs and there is a sense that the broken characters who inhabit them, are strangely familiar. Through honestly looking within, Lance illuminates those universal things, which resonate within us all. Who hasn't wrestled with faith, fear, despair and loneliness? Who hasn't experienced the child like wonderment of a prairie sunset or the joy of new love? Who doesn't want to be made new? Welcome to the music and words of Lance Odegard - conversational, creative and still under construction.

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