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  • Artist: Laura Marti
  • Label: Neuklang
  • UPC: 4012116427332
  • Item #: 2607674X
  • Genre: Jazz
  • Release Date: 1/12/2024
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Africa on CD

Laura Marti - Africa / The "AFRICA" project celebrates Lars Danielsson's music, with Laura and Nataliya creating Ukrainian lyrics and new arrangements for his songs. - The project "AFRICA" is dedicated to the music of the famous Swedish double bassist and composer Lars Danielsson. - Laura and Lars met in 2018 on the main stage of the Leopolis Jazz Fest, in Ukraine, where they performed one of Lars' compositions, «Granada», with large symphony orchestra INSO-Lviv. Laura wrote the Ukrainian lyrics for Granada. Impressed by the collaboration with one of her favorite composer, Laura decided to write more lyrics for Lars' music. Lars asked that all lyrics be exclusively in Ukrainian, because it sounds great. Later Laura Marti invited her friend, the famous Ukrainian jazz pianist Nataliya Lebedeva, to the "Tribute to Lars Danielsson" project to create new arrangements for 9 Lars' songs. - LAURA MARTI is a jazz, ethnic and pop singer, composer, actress and model. A proud Ukrainian with Armenian roots and Brazilian heart. She is described by the Ukrainian music world as one of the most versatile singers in Ukraine with a velvety voice. In 2017, she was awarded "Singer of the Year" by "ELLE Style Awards". In addition, she was nominated for the "Project of the Year 2018 - Ukraine" and participated in "The Voice Of The Country - 11". - In 2022 - Laura Marti won the Polish Price - Grand PRIX - in an international competition «Ladies Jazz». As a jazz singer she has worked with numerous renowned international jazz musicians such as Bobby McFerrin, Lars Danielsson, Magnus Öström, Misha Tsiganov, Vadim Neselovskyi, Michiel Bortslap... These include the following jazz festivals: Leopolis Jazz Fest, Jazz nad Odrą, Lotos Jazz Fest, Bielska Zadymka Jazzowa, Jazz Bez, Bouquet Kyiv Stage... - Laura came from Ukraine to Germany at the end of March. Laura has been actively playing concerts in Europe in support of her country. In September 2022, she invited musicians from Ukraine and recorded two jazz albums in Germany. The special guests, who also support Ukraine during full-scale war were big friends of Laura: Lars Danielsson and Magnus Öström.