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  • Brand: Lone Coconut
  • UPC: 850021523527
  • Item #: 2527281X
  • Available Date: 6/14/2023
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Price: $79.25
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Plunderlings aims to present a fresh take on fantasy universes from a Caribbean perspective.

A place where the "monsters" are pirate adventurers with emotions, hopes and dreams of their own. Plunderlings will continue expand this new world to incorporate new creatures inspired from island animals, legends and history.

Captain BlacJak is one Plunderstrong you don’t want to mess with. He quickly rose through the ranks with a ruthlessness which inspires fear even within his accomplished crew. Impatient and bad-tempered, he is not one for words rather letting his cannonballs do the talking. With his handheld cannon, he is capable of blasting entire ships apart.

He learned his cruelty from back when he used to be first mate to Captain Ojoe, but that was before the accident.


  • Three Magnetic Heads with Different Expressions
  • Magnetic Small Bicorn Pirate Hat
  • Large Captain's Jacket
  • Pair of Large Open Hands
  • Pair of Large Gripping Hands
  • Handheld Cannon

Each 4" figure features accessories and over 25 points of articulation!

  • Country of origin: China