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  • Brand: Lone Coconut
  • UPC: 850021523541
  • Item #: 2527421X
  • Available Date: 6/14/2023
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Price: $79.25
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Plunderlings aims to present a fresh take on fantasy universes from a Caribbean perspective.

A place where the "monsters" are pirate adventurers with emotions, hopes and dreams of their own. Plunderlings will continue expand this new world to incorporate new creatures inspired from island animals, legends and history.

The Cursed Naufrag is a parasitic nautilus, that happened upon an unfortunate Plunderstrong sinking into the ocean’s abyss. As a small shellfish it once had the terrifying experience of being caught in a fishing net, and since then has vowed to make the landlubbers suffer. Seizing the opportunity the Naufrag attached itself to the drowning deckhand, taking over his mind and transforming his body into a crab-clawed abomination.

It now plans to make the most of its host, terrorizing Plunderfolk and causing chaos to those who dare sail near its waters. Called The Blue Barnacle (a name which he despises) the Napoleonic Naufrag’s maniacal ego has made him a threat to all who stand in its way to nautical domination!


  • Three Magnetic Heads with Different Expressions
  • Nautilus Magnetic Hat
  • Large Captain's Jacket
  • Two Crab Claws
  • Pair of Large Open Hands
  • Pair of Large Gripping Hands
  • BONUS - Pair of Small Walloping Fists for Hatchlings

Each 4" figure features accessories and over 25 points of articulation!

  • Country of origin: China