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  • Brand: Lone Coconut
  • UPC: 850021523503
  • Item #: 2527365X
  • Available Date: 6/21/2023
  • This product is a special order
Price: $79.25
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Plunderlings aims to present a fresh take on fantasy universes from a Caribbean perspective.

A place where the "monsters" are pirate adventurers with emotions, hopes and dreams of their own. Plunderlings will continue expand this new world to incorporate new creatures inspired from island animals, legends and history.

Blitz the Raider has an insatiable appetite for eating and fighting.

This Plunderstrong is always eager to prove himself in combat and will be the first to board an enemy ship even when he is at a clear disadvantage. This not-so-jolly green giant is most dangerous when he is hangry because he is overcome by a gluttonous rage. The only way to stop his rampage is by being knocked unconscious or a good old-fashioned home-cooked meal of hearty proportions.


  • Three Magnetic Heads with Different Expressions
  • Magnetic Small Blue Bandana
  • Large Leather Sash
  • Pair of Large Open Large Hands
  • Pair of Large Gripping Hands
  • Plunderstrong Dagger
  • Chicken Drumstick

Each 4" figure features accessories and over 25 points of articulation!

  • Country of origin: China