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  • Brand: Kotobukiya
  • UPC: 190526051683
  • Item #: 2527167X
  • Available Date: 6/30/2023
  • Model Number: MH11X
  • This product is a special order
Price: $16.67
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HEAVY WEAPON UNIT11 KILLER BEAK is an expansion-type support fighter that can be separated into a flight unit and long rifle! It is a support mecha with the traits of both Freestyle Gun and Exceed Binder.

The Beak Sensor is designed so that it can be used as a Frame Arms head unit. Active Wing can be moved flexibly in the upper and lower connection points on the base, and can be stored or deployed with its 3mm connections.

The block parts used to connect the Long Laser Rifle, Active Wing, and Beak Sensor can be disassembled and used just like other Heavy Weapon Unit products. As it is compatible with various types of Flying Bases, it can be used for various situations, including coordinated attacks with other models.


  • Beak Sensor can be used as a head part for separately sold Frame Arms models, and the unit can also be further expanded upon using the 3mm connection points on the sides and back of the head.
  • The main unit Long Laser Rifle is designed to retain the augmentability of Freestyle Gun and can be disassembled into a Main Unit, Grip, Long Barrel, and Magazine, and thus can also be rearranged to create items such as a Short Laser Rifle.
  • The base of the Active Wing has 3mm connections, making it a highly versatile part that can be disassembled and used in various other ways.
  • Micro Thrusters and Micro Gun Pods that can be used to add detail to the 3mm connection points are included. They can be attached to the Long Laser Rifle or Beak Sensor.

Included items:

  • Beak Sensor ×1
  • Ball Joint for Beak Sensor ×1
  • Long Laser Rifle (1 Set)
  • Active Wing (1 Set)
  • Connector Block A
  • Connector Block B
  • Crank Joint ×2
  • Landing Gear Base ×1
  • Landing Gear ×2
  • Micro Gun Pod ×2
  • Micro Thruster ×2

(This item is a reproduction.)

  • Length: 7.28"
  • Materials: PS
  • Package: CPP Bag with paper insert and header
  • Sculptor: Masaya Nakamura
  • Country of origin: China
  • Ages 15+