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Road to Dundee
  • Artist: Maclean
  • UPC: 884501518918
  • Item #: 152295X
  • Genre: Folk
  • Release Date: 5/10/2011
  • Rank: 1000000000
Price: $18.69
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Road to Dundee on CD

Born in Colchester, England Robert is the second son of Lauchlan and Linda Maclean. He was immediately influenced by a multitude of Irish and Scottish Folk, Country, Pop and Bluegrass music. This included the Dubliners, the Corries and many fine music genres from across the pond including old time, Blues and Jazz. Robert began learning banjo in his late twenties and has experimented with Celtic, Appalachian and Jazz styles on a 5 string and Tenor banjo. He is also proficient with the mandolin and plays a mean piano/keyboard with the Rock Band 'Meantoad' and the Jazz band 'Coyotes'. In this Album Robert Harmonizes vocally and plays Tenor, Five string banjos and mandolin. Lauchlan was born in Scotland in a small mining community. The family Maclean has been traced back to 1601. His Father, Lauchlan James Maclean, was a coal miner but also had his own band playing Accordion, Fiddle and on occasion Bagpipes. Lauchlan became rebellious and played guitar from a very early age Influenced greatly by the Beatles, Rolling Stones and later The Corries and Dubliners. Loved Country and Bluegrass but had picked up numerous songs and tunes from the Friday night parties that ensured a packed house with many not so sober musicians. Now he is a teacher of guitar, fiddle and mandolin and performer of music, (including the Bagpipes). In this Album Lauchlan Sings, play various guitars including Twelve String, Six String and Bass, (He can't wait to produce the next Album). Melissa was born in the Green Mountains of Vermont. Singing since she was 7 years old in church, school and anywhere else someone would listen!! Raised on Emmylou Harris, Greatly influenced by Joe Cocker and Janis Joplin. Loves to sing, loves her banjo . Melissa's family is 1/2 Scottish, 1/2 Irish, 1/2 English the sum total of this combined heritage is resident in the power and beauty of her voice. Very Versatile which is freqently tested through her peformances and recordings in the bands;' Meantoad ', and 'Coyotes' . ( Do a Search on those bands and compare to 'Maclean' and Road to Dundee).