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Release the Main Line
  • Artist: A Man Named Samuel
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 634479960406
  • Item #: SRD996040
  • Genre: Folk
  • Release Date: 1/6/2009
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Release the Main Line on CD

A Man Named Samuel's Release the Main Line is the debut album from indie songwriter and artist Samuel M. Whitlach. Samuel credits this album to his experience in Humboldt County, California: a place that he called home for four years. Embracing the influence of northern California's music scene, this album was produced in the aim of capturing both the organic sound and energy of live acoustical performances. Advantaged by the capabilities of track-layering, however, Samuel's recordings waver between the real and the surreal at times. Release the Main Line begins with an unconventional track where the album's lyrics, overlapping and in spoken-word form, lay the foundation for the seven original tracks to follow. Melodic and heartfelt, the album's songs delve into the recurrent themes of self-discovery and assertion. Samuel, who was formally trained as a visual artist, treats his songwriting as if it was any other art form: a craft wherein beauty lies in the details. The creation of Release the Main Line is a testament to the environment in which it was created. And like Humboldt's coastal redwoods themselves, this album offers much to be explored. The album was recorded in 2006 and initially distributed only amongst family and friends. A short-run of Release the Main Line was later printed and the album was re-released in early 2009. Complete lyrics are included with each CD.