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State & the Nimbus Cloud
  • Artist: Mapmaker
  • UPC: 877319004247
  • Item #: SRD900424
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 3/23/2010
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State & the Nimbus Cloud on CD

Loyola University Chicago was their meeting place, but how they met was at random. A string of coincidences led Nick Bush, Nick Cardelli, Aled Fain, Evan Fazio, Maxx McGathey and Max Martini together to create a unique blend of Jazz and Indie Rock. Meeting for dinner one night, their goal was to decide on a name. Near the end of the debate, Nick B. grabbed a fortune cookie and jokingly said that the note within would be the name. The six musicians watched as the fortune was pulled from the cookie and read aloud: 'You have musical talents. Let them be known.' The fortune cookie predicted their future and unified the band. Mapmaker was chosen as their name and spreading their unique sound became their mission. From that point on, Mapmaker has been traveling around the greater Chicagoland area doing just that. When the group isn't traveling they are playing consistent, fun, and free gigs on campus at Loyola University Chicago. Recently, the group has branched out playing out of state. In one of their biggest gigs to date, Mapmaker opened for one of their musical influences, Medeski Martin & Wood. While Mapmaker has done a great deal in a short amount of time, the group has more plans on the horizon. They just released their first full length album entitled 'State and the Nimbus Cloud'. Sometime within the year, Mapmaker hopes to hit the road completing a small-scale tour of the United States. Mapmaker has already done so much in their short time in existence and is going to do a great deal more. A Cartographer makes maps. Mapmaker makes music.