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We Are The Light
  • Artist: Markus Schulz
  • Label: Black Hole
  • Number of Discs: 2
  • UPC: 808798117821
  • Item #: 2110359X
  • Genre: Electronic
  • Release Date: 12/7/2018
Price: $16.63
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We Are The Light on CD

Musically, Markus has consciously "mixed up the co-writer pack" on 'We Are The Light'. For every familiar name, there's a singer/songwriter making their debut. For every neophyte, there's an established artist from another style-space being introduced to the electronic music realm. From the already-acquainted side, 'Scream 2's Seri is back collaborating, as are 'Watch The World' alumni Nikki Flores, Adina Butar and Soundland. As expected the album houses the 2018 Schulz singles 'Safe From Harm', 'Calling For Love' and 'Upon My Shoulders'. (Those respectively marked Markus' debut collaborations with Emma Hewitt, JES and Sebu of Capital Cities fame). On the spellbinding 'Symphony of Stars', Christina Novelli also makes a first time appearance, while the album seeks and finds talent from other European quarters too. Alina Eremia and Smiley - already immensely successful household names inside their native Romania - make dazzling first time musical debuts outside their home country. Whilst doubtless sharing some sonic genetics with both 'Watch The World' and last year's Dakota LP, it is too easy to pin 'We Are The Light' as either straight successor to the former, nor clear-cut yin to 'The Nine Skies' yang. Something indeed more conversional and epochal took place at the start of it's production - a shift in outlook that had a decisive effect upon it's make-up. It marks an expressional ascension for Markus; this album is in fact a reactive result of both releases. Emancipation from the darker days/events of 2017 and embrace of - he believes - the brighter ones of 2019 and beyond. To put it in a single word, it's 'up'.

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