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Ebb & Flow
  • Artist: Martha Gallagher
  • UPC: 700261311395
  • Item #: CDBY131139
  • Genre: Folk
  • Release Date: 11/2/2010
  • Rank: 1000000000
Price: $16.76
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Ebb & Flow on CD

Ebb & Flow is a gathering of songs with sense of place. Whether it be physical, spiritual, personal, social, or even financial; sense of place is at the heart of this music. Drawing on my lifetime of musical adventures, from blues/jazz chanteuse to classical flautist, from folk singer to rock n' roller to celtic harper, this wonderfully diverse music weaves together beautifully. Song genres dance from Blues to Latin, from Swing/Jazz to Contemporary Folk, colored with touches of Classical. Song subjects glide from questioning the importance of one's dubious housekeeping skills to the raw core of broken heart and bruised soul, from strolling through one's town to the realization and celebration of all things ever-changing, and beyond. There are happy toe-tappers, aching heart-rippers, reflective musings, humorous observations, mystical, magical soundscapes and Santana-ish grooves. What I hear from folks everywhere I travel is that this music speaks to them. These songs are the music of life; music of the everyday miraculous. They flow from the deepest, darkest places of the soul to the winged heart that bears us aloft. With all my heart, I share this music with you. Martha 1. Rose in Winter It is a lovely miracle to bloom very late and out of season! 2. Good Housekeeping One should never let one's housekeeping abilities interfere with what's truly important in life - friendship. 3. I Don't Want to Know Why Heartbreak can happen at any age, in all it's anguish, anger, and sadness. 4. G Ditty Truly, just a little ditty - fun to play, fun to listen to, fun to "la, la, la" through the day. 5. Walking I love to stroll through the little town that is my home. 6. Scandinavian Set Two tunes from the original music of my holiday performance, The Christmas Rose. They're just too fabulous to hear only in Dec.! 7. All On a Winter's Night Crisp, cold, clear - the mystery and magic of a northern Winter's night. 8. Waiting for My Ship Ah, the sound of the ocean, the feel of warm breezes, the waiting, the wondering, the daydreaming... Awake and take the helm! 9. Sailing I took a few minutes in the studio one day, just winging this piece for a friend who was going to have major surgery - I hoped it might be calming. For her I call it Sailing Through Surgery. It seems good for whatever you might need to sail through. 10. First Class Combining the New England Yankee wisdom taught to me by my Mother and Grandmother with insights from Deepak Chopra's book Creating Affluence. Thanks to Santana for the arrangement inspiration! 11. Fall from Grace Very personal, this one; I can't say. But, haven't all of us been on one side or the other of this occurence sometime in our life? 12. The Wonders of This World Sometimes I just have to be reminded gently to open my eyes, ears and heart to what's right in front of me. 13. Ebb & Flow It's good for me to take stock of my blessings now and again. And to recognize that all things change, always. And to celebrate the beauty of that. Always.